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In 1996, Jan Gusich was inspired to create an agency that was unlike any other. One that didn’t just talk about taking care of clients and taking care of employees above all else. One that actually did it. Because as Jan always says, “If you take care of the people, the rest will take care of itself.” And it has.

Since AKHIA’s humble beginnings in Jan’s dining room, we have grown to employ more than 60 talented and passionate professionals. While larger in number (too large to fit in Jan’s dining room), we all remain committed to upholding those founding service-first values.

But, as you get to know us better, you’ll quickly see that our service model is just one part of who we are. As businesses evolve and look for more strategic ways to efficiently develop and integrate their communications, we have stayed ahead of the curve to support every part of your organization with smart thinking and smart solutions. That’s why we’re more than just an integrated marketing agency. We’re the agency that thinks beyond marketing to help you meet your business goals.

We think ahead. We think strategically. We think you’ll like us as a partner.

Smart service and smart solutions. That’s what makes AKHIA an agency unlike any other. Good idea, Jan.

Contact us to see why we’re the agency clients love to work with – and employees love to work for.

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