Lukas Treu

Lukas Treu

Lead, Content Strategy

What I do:
Writing, Editing, Research, Content Strategy.

My self-proclaimed title is:

Black is my AKHIA color and it fits my style because:
A drunk guy once told me I looked European, and Europeans wear black. Everyone knows this.

I’m involved in:
American Marketing Association, Cleveland Chapter (Board Member)

I get social on:

What’s your career AHA! moment:
When I had the epiphany that writing and research isn’t just boring stuff you did in college … It can actually make for a fulfilling, interesting and rewarding career. There is a benefit to having a liberal arts/social science degree!

What one piece of advice would you give to the 10-year-old you:
The opportunity to learn is a gift, not a burden. Once you realize how amazing it is to absorb new information every day, the academic world may already be behind you. Knowledge IS power!

One thing that inspires me is:
Eloquence. One thing about writing all the time is that you notice when someone conveys meaning extremely effectively—artfully, even—and witnessing others communicating eloquently is a huge inspiration for me.

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