Corporate and Crisis Communications

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Corporate and Crisis Communications

Ever notice that sometimes what you meant to communicate isn’t how you said it? Or that what you said wasn’t interpreted the way you intended?

Since people aren’t mind readers and because the way you communicate is crucial, it pays to have someone like AKHIA who helps make sure your communication is exactly how you intended.

Whether communicating with employees or shareholders – in good times or bad – you want your message to resonate the right way.

With roots in PR and journalism, AKHIA was born to communicate. We help organizations large and small, private and public develop messaging that is clear, concise and – most importantly – on target.

Whether developing employee communications materials around an acquisition, assisting the news media with crisis communication, or writing customer letters that influence behavior, AKHIA works to identify each audience, understand their specific concerns, and deliver your message in the most effective manner possible.

With 40+ years of corporate communications and agency experience, led by AKHIA’s CEO Jan Gusich, we bring both experience and creativity to your corporate communications challenges. And we’re ready to put our expertise to work for you in the following areas:

  • Internal/Employee Communications
  • Global Communications
  • Crisis Communications
  • Brand Protection

Communication is a lot more than just talk. So let’s talk about that. Contact us to get started.

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