Don’t drink the water at AKHIA, no matter what you do. Maybe you didn’t know, but we’re now up to five – FIVE – parents-to-be! How can that not be the number one thing I’m thinking about this morning? See for yourself! (Congrats guys – love that the AKHIA family continues to ‘grow’!)

On to the rest of the five.

2. Don’t ever question Browns fans passion. What else could inspire fans from all over the country to send in their version of a new Browns uni? Personally, I think the Browns need a branding overhaul…but I don’t like any of the ones shown here. Some are close but I think they went a little over the top with the brown/orange. And, why does everyone love that stupid elf so much!? But, no matter what, despite their record, news ways of losing, factor of sadness, new coach every two years…and on and on…you gotta love that Browns fans CARE so much!

3. Deer antler spray? What’s next, eye of newt? So Ray Lews (allegedly) took deer antler spray to help his recovery so he could return sooner this year? To that I say…so what? Of course, it’s on the NFL’s banned substance list, so yes, it’s illegal. But when you consider all of the things NFL players are assumed to be taking…deer antler spray is what hits our inbox? The NFL is losing a lot of credibility this year and I have to wonder how much more their brand can take. I don’t buy that it won’t be around in 30 years but I do believe it has some major issues to address instead of just ignoring them. But, seriously, deer antler spray? Will athletes put anything into their body to try and get an edge? That’s nasty.

4. Another new iPad? This is getting old. Did you see that there is another iPad rumored to be on its way? Enough with this. I’m sick of this version, that version right before a brand new version comes out (rumored to be in the fall). At prices close to $1000 I think it’s asking a lot. And where’s the strategy behind the ‘why’ with all of these versions? This one is rumored to be 128GB so it won’t necessarily compete with the Mini—just give you another option. These announcements, events, new versions are starting to lose their allure. And shareholders are obviously losing patience. I don’t think consumers are far behind.

5. Craft beers are where it’s at. I don’t have to travel a ton but when I do I try to make a point to taste some of the local brews. It doesn’t look like I’m alone – in 2012 nearly a quarter of beer drinkers claimed to drink more craft beer than traditional mainstream brands. And the numbers are there to prove it as the industry doubled from $5.7B in 2007 to $12B in 2012. I don’t think the trend will go away anytime soon, especially when you consider the demographic that are the most active in drinking craft beers is the 25 – 36 group. Do you have a favorite?