The Norovirus. It’s definitely the number one thing I’m thinking about. There’s nothing you can do. No-thing. It’s miserable. You throw up for 48 hours. It lives on clean plates, the air, your sheets, your hair, your fingers – even after they’ve been Purelle’d. Unless you want to feel like you have it right this second, don’t read this article.

On to the rest of the five:

2. It’s Tuesday, January 29, 2013. And they may be ranked number one but Michigan still sucks. Well, they do. But I’m really looking forward to Saturday’s game against Indiana.

3. Rajon Rondo taught us a lot. So what did we learn from Sunday’s Heat/Celtics game? That the Heat are wearing LeBron out? That the Celtics are old? Well, yes. But, we also learned that today you cannot keep a secret. You just can’t. Hell, people knew Rondo had a torn ACL before he did. Dwayne Wade found out before the Celtics did. Thanks to twitter I found out before the Celtics did. Don’t believe me? Check out this video of Doris Burke informing Paul Pierce during the postgame interview.  Doc Rivers made the decision to hold back so as not to distract the Celtics – which I agree with – but those days are over. News travels too fast.

What I don’t agree with, while we’re talking about Rondo, is the discussion around trading KG and Pierce as a result of his injury. That’s not going to happen. But not because the Celtics shouldn’t…because they can’t. Who’s going to take them and return anything of value? You’re better off sticking with the old guys and Rondo one more year. And, my final Rondo thought – anyone who thinks the Celtics will be fine is an idiot. Rondo made that team go. KG scored nearly 70% of his buckets off Rondo passes. Get real. They’re done.

4. Why you should pay attention to Facebook Graph Search. I mentioned I got to spend a lot of time with Amanda Kleinhenz in Las Vegas last week during the IBS show. Naturally the topic of Facebook Graph Search came up. As usual she impressed with her response so I thought I’d share it here:

It’s no doubt a customer-centric update, at least in its infancy. What I think will be key for clients in the short term is to optimize their pages like crazy and ramp up their engagement tenfold. Because what’s going to happen is that when people go to search for “[product] my friends are using”, they’re going to get results based on relevancy amongst those in your network. So the more your friends are “liking” pages and engaging with content, the more likely that result will appear in a Graph Search.

I would also say that with Graph Search emerging as a new rival to Google, it’s going to also change the way brands are advertising online. Many are already running Facebook ad campaigns and targeting a network more qualified in some cases than Google Adwords, but I suspect Adwords is going to even more quickly lose market share once Graph Search is available to the masses and brands can directly market to their key audiences using Facebook’s collection of consumer insights.

So, in other words, the message to brands is “Keep doing what you’re doing, but do more of it. A LOT more.”

5. He gets buckets.He gets Eastern Conference Player of the Week. Best part about it Kyrie Irving being named Eastern Conference Player of the Week? He beat out LeBron. Who, by the way, looked like a clown at the White House. Did you see his ‘speech’?  I definitely don’t want him back in 2014 now.