Good morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend. If you’re in Northeast Ohio there’s a chance you’re experiencing some freezing rain, so put down the phone until you get to the office. This morning’s ‘I’ve Ben thinking…’ has a little bit of everything; from Vine to Star Wars.

So, on to the five:

Facebook owns your phone. Well, a quarter of it. Facebook now owns 25% of total time spent on mobile apps. When you factor in Instagram, at 3%, it’s close to 30% total. Personally I would’ve thought Instagram was higher but regardless, wow…for all of facebook’s problems that is a lot of time to ‘own’. Maybe in the future we’ll buy and sell through some warped version of facebook currency. I don’t like where this is going. Time to change the subject.

Kyrie Irving. He gets buckets. Ah, that’s better. Did you see Kyrie Irving on Saturday night? His game winning three (not to mention the move he had to take the lead a few seconds earlier) amazed me, Cleveland and everyone who is smart enough to be closely watching. His stats are nothing short of amazing: only the fifth player with three straight 30+ games before the age of 21; tied with Kevin Durant for most 30+ games in the NBA; second only to Durant in clutch points (up five/down five with less than five to play)…and a stuffed stat sheet of 5.6 assists, 1.7 steals, 24 points a game. Pay attention Cleveland…you might be watching the best PG in the game.

These brands are already using twitter’s Vine. Are you? Twitter launched Vine last Wednesday and some brands are already hard at work trying to share six glorious seconds with you. The Instagram of video (maybe?) Vine is an app that allows you to edit together video snippets into six seconds that can be shared through a tweet or facebook post. While that sounds like a lot of fun, the interesting thing to me is it’s a standalone app, so now twitter and facebook have multiple apps. I’m really curious how this will affect social channels brand – will it position social as a ‘product’ with product lines? Anyway, in the time it took you to read this you could’ve watched three of the 15 day one Vines Social Fresh shared.

Less than a week in and porn is already showing up on Vine. Seriously, people don’t waste any time. I swear, some days the internet resembles a modern day bathroom wall. A look at Vine’s terms of service and you’ll see that it doesn’t forbid sexual explicit content (it says ‘use good judgment’); however, Apple’s App Store does. Apps containing ‘pornographic material, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary’ won’t be around long. From now until…forever, if we can use it to communicate, we’ll find a way to to put pictures of “pee-pee’s and wee-wee’s” on it.

Telling your kids the truth about Star Wars. (I need a higher midichlorian count.) Our Friday night movie was the first Star Wars. Now, your idea of the first Star Wars will tell me where you come down in this discussion – first as in Episode I or first as in Episode IV. Of course the right answer is Episode IV. My kids will watch them the say way I did – the way they should be watched. But, as they get older (my oldest is seven) they are asking questions about the order and why they are that way. Now, I’m trying not to skew their opinion too much because I want them to like all of them but I also want them to understand the importance of being raised a purist.

So I ask – how do you straddle that line? I ended up going the way of this is the way they were meant to be viewed and as odd as it sounds, Episodes I, II and III won’t make sense unless you watch IV, V, VI. And just as we got over that, the next logical question, was of course, what about Episode VII. Which, I didn’t use to have trouble answering but now I have to explain that they are making one because Mickey Mouse owns Star Wars and they want to try and squeeze a few billion more out of the franchise. You didn’t use to need a high midichlorian count to explain this stuff.