Did you see these two guys in Russia get rolled down a ski hill…in a big plastic ball, aka a ‘Zorb’? It went waaaay off course and over a mountain range, killing one. The video is crazy – seriously, who would get into one of these things? http://tinyurl.com/b87f3v8

It’s definitely the number one thing I’m thinking about today. On to the five:

  1. Deadly Russian Zorbs. Again, seriously, who straps themselves into one of these things…dangerously close to a mountain range?
  2. Jimmy Haslam takes out an ad for the next Browns coach. Ok, so it’s Mike Polk playing the part of Jimmy Haslam. But it’s really funny…and sad…but mostly funny, at the same time. http://tinyurl.com/bbpbf82
  3. Students can stay on task for only three minutes before needing to interact with some form of technology. Why? Well, consider 58% of kids, age 13 – 17, have a smart phone. Which is why this great read from ReadWriteWeb is talking about how and why you need to break the smart phone addiction. http://tinyurl.com/a8qjt4j
  4. PR is the fifth most stressful job. While I agree PR – and marketing in general – is a stressful field, I’m not sure we belong in the same category as military personnel, fire fighters and airline pilots.
  5. Why you hating on Brett Musberger? Seriously, what’s the problem with what he said? He called a beautiful woman…beautiful. And tried to make a joke. Key word tried. Did he come off creepy? Sure. But that’s what we have twitter for – to make fun of him. Plus it was better than looking at what Notre Dame was putting on the field.