Norv Turner. A 3-4 defense. A guy who’s been employed by the Browns two times already. Yep, the Browns finally hired a head coach. You knew that was the number one thing I was thinking about today.

1. Chud. So what he’s been here twice before. Did you see what he did with an awful offense back in 2007? And did you see what he did with it the very next year? So, who is the real Chud and who are the Browns getting? If Weeden can beat out Derek Anderson he might have a good chance to put up some decent numbers this year.

2. Texas school is forcing kids to wear RFID chips. This is crazy. The fourth-largest school in Texas is making it mandatory for its 100,00+ students to wear RFID badges. There’s no way I’m for this – in theory it seems to violate so many privacy laws. But…it’s legal. One student is refusing, saying it’s against her religion:

3. No Eagle status for gay boy scout. This is downright terrible. Ryan Anderson, who had been waiting to find out if he will receive Eagle Scout status (he completed all of the criteria), has been denied for failing to meet the standards of “Duty to God, avowed homosexuality, and the fact that he is now over 18 years of age.” It’s crazy to think that someone who wants to be an exceptional member of his community, who has gone above and beyond to demonstrate it, would be denied an honor recognizing him for his efforts.

4. MLB HOF. I’m a day behind on this but I had to let it soak in. No new members. An entire era of baseball forgotten. Doesn’t seem right. Personally, I think there’s way too much grey to paint everyone from this era with the same brush. Especially if one or two of them eventually get in. And should Piazza even be considered as part of this group? Lost in all of this is Jack Morris, one of my favorite pitchers who pitched one of the best games I’ve ever seen (for the Twins in game 7 of 1991 WS against Braves) is down to his last year on the ballot.

5. The Oscars. Can’t beat them up too bad for the nominations. Sure, some that you’ll have to look for but a lot of critical and crowd favorites. (I still feel The Bat should be recognized some way but understand that franchise’s best chance was with The Dark Knight.)