Thanks to the sports world, Lance Armstrong is suddenly old news. I’m wondering if his new Nike campaign will be ‘At least I’m not Manti Te’o!

On to today’s five

  1. Imaginary girlfriends are soooo in this year! What….the hell….just happened? Manti – seriously man, what is going on? I think you should be flattered so many people don’t believe you because there’s no way you would’ve fallen for this. There’s no way someone could fall for something like, for this long, right? Especially with all the ways we can track someone down. If you haven’t read the Deadspin article that started it all yet, you won’t want want to miss it:
  2. Chip don’t like you. Face it Browns fans, Chip Kelly just didn’t want to come here. And…that’s ok. I really think the team is moving in the right direction – and I really think Chip Kelly will be coaching in the SEC come 2015
  3. Spike Lee doesn’t like Django Unchained. Despite not seeing it. Lee is taking some major heat for his criticism of Django…criticism he gave without even seeing the movie. And now some celebrities are letting him know how they feel about it (and providing some great perspective on why this film is so great, so powerful, along the way)
  4. Perspective, from Aaron Swartz’s funeral. Aaron Swartz, the 26-year-old genius behind the development of RSS and Reddit, committed suicide last week. I’ve been reading a lot about him – stuff I should’ve known before he killed himself – and how extraordinary he was. I thought this report from his funeral provided more insight into how special he was.
  5. Grandpa Charlie (Sheen). Break out the Werthers, Charlie Sheen is going to be a grandpa. I hear a lot of people like to do drugs and watch Yo Gabba Gabba so he’ll be just fine.