Manti or Lance. Hmmm, which liar should I start with? Ah hell – screw both of them and watch this hi-larious piece: NFL Bad Lip Reading

1. An orange peanut? For meee?

Feel better? Now, on to the rest of the five:

2. Not so good Lance…Not so good. Wow, Lance…not sure of your strategy with the interview but if you were trying to redeem yourself, repair your image, admit total guilt, lift the lifetime ban, apologize to those you hurt most, do anything that a decent human being should do….you fell a little short. Oprah did a nice job – better than I thought – with her interviewing. I would’ve liked a little more follow-up but overall I would give her an B. Ask yourself – do you see Lance Armstrong endorsing something ever again? And if you watched the first half of the interview, will you watch part two?

3. Manti…we don’t believe him, right? I’m not sure how anyone can say they believe Manti Te’o 100%. (Well, outside of the Notre Dame AD Jack Swarbrick.) There are so many holes in this story…see for yourself in this very interesting read from Sports Illustrated, referencing an interview with Te’o before any of this even broke.

4. Forget the fake girls, Notre Dame has problems helping with the real ones. Everyone knows the name of Lenny Keuka…an imaginary friend; but I’m willing to be not many people know the name Lizzy Seeberg, a 19-year-old student who killed herself nine days after accusing a Notre Dame football player, who played in the BCS earlier this month, of sexually assaulting her. The university investigated it – 15 days after receiving the report (and six days after Seeberg killed herself) – and found the player to not be responsible, and, as a result, not have to miss as much as a practice. But that won’t sell as much headlines or get the attention so….eh….read more if you have time.

5. Four out five imaginary dead girlfriends agree…fact-checking is a lost art. Seriously. What the hell, media? No one looks into a death certificate? A hospital record? A police report? Nothing??? But you’ll still report on a…fake story. You’ll let people know they can donate money to a fund for cancer in honor of a (fake) dead girl? Is this (awesome) clip from The Daily Show terrifyingly more accurate than it should be?