Today’s five things finds me pretty bummed. Why? Well, what’s worse than one obnoxious Harbaugh? How about two? Yep, BroBowl (sponsored by Jimmy Johns?) is upon us. The next two weeks are going to be downright painful. Here’s hoping the media takes it easy on us.

On to the five:

  1. Martin Luther King Day. This quote from Dr. King came to me from Bill Sledzik over at Kent State: “Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way.” People honor today for many different reasons but no matter why you remember it, the fact is this was a man who had no fear of doing the right thing. Think about that. Knowing what to do is one thing. Knowing it and doing it is another. Knowing and doing it without any fear of consequence, because, well, it’s the right thing to do…that’s rare.
  2. Obama, part II. President Obama was sworn in Sunday – only the seventh time a president was sworn in on a Sunday (and first since Ronald Reagan). A lot less fanfare than the first time but still one of my favorite American political traditions. I’ll never forget where I was when we watched his first ceremony at the AKHIA office. II’ll always associate a great feeling of hope with that day. It felt like a fresh start and a blank slate. I’ve always respected the president, not only for the position he has but because he ‘gets’ marketing. He understood / understands the value in selling the details of an idea and brand. He understood on that day that his ‘brand’ was to give people something new and inspiring. That day, it was hope. This time around it’s….well, maybe that vision and brand has slipped a little bit. Let’s see what the next four years hold.
  3. Chill out Browns fans. Seriously, why so glum Browns fans? You act like somebody stole your PSL and license to whine. We won’t see the Browns take a snap for another eight months but all people can talk about is how terrible they are and how bad their decisions have been to this point. Let’s recap – in a month’s time you rebuilt your front office with guys who are smarter than the ones they replaced; grabbed two established coordinators and sold the naming rights to the stadium. Fine, Chud doesn’t inspire, but look at where you were a year ago. So the Eagles got Chip Kelly. Big deal – he has as much NFL experience as I do. Oh, and Shurmur went to Philly to coach Chip’s offense. And you feel slighted by this? What am I missing? It’s time to move on and do what you do best…start waiting for next year.
  4. Your smart tablet is costing you money. Received a great article from Amanda Kleinhenz over the weekend regarding smart tablets impact on buyer behavior. 55 percent of tablet owners reported using their tablet to make a purchase (v. 28 percent of smart phone users). I think this is fascinating; not the fact that consumers are using tablets more, but that this will force retailers and advertisers to take this into consideration. How will they make their ad programs more interactive to satisfy this preference? Consumers will expect to see something and be able to buy it – will they?
  5. Apparently a lot of nudists sell stuff on eBay. This article from The Daily Mail profiles people who have had their…other side…captured in a reflection when taking a picture of something to post on eBay. You never know what you’ll find starting back at you on a TV screen; teapot; CD case; random rogue mirror…you name it. I don’t think it’s the exposure they were hoping for. I’ve really been thinking about it – I didn’t know so many people walked around their house and did things in the buff but I guess it happens more than I thought…and eBay can verify it.