Five things I’m thinking, Vegas style. Sorry I missed a day; I’d tell you why but hey, what happens here stays here.

1. I have to start with an update from the Builders Show (IBS), here in Las Vegas. It was announced yesterday that they, along with the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) will be ‘co-locating’ to Las Vegas in 2014 to create a ‘one-stop shop’. The new show – Design and Construction Week – will be held February 4 – 6 and is expected to draw 75,000 specifiers, dealers, contractors, suppliers.

2. 90 million users can’t be wrong, right? News came out this week that Instagram has 90 million active monthly users and sees 40 million photos a day. So, what do we make of Instagram? Do you use it and like it? Personally, if they can stop messing with their terms of service I think there’s a great ceiling for it with businesses who see the long-term potential of building a following around visual content. (I think the facebook integration might hinder that though.) While you’re thinking about it, check out the top 25 brands currently on Instagram.

3. For the millionth time, if it ain’t broke… I read articles like these and realize that sometimes people still don’t think through branding strategies. American Airlines is the latest to realize rebranding for the sake of rebranding is never a wise move. They ‘modernized’ their classic silver bird logo, developed in 1967 by Massimo Vignelli. Think of the Cleveland Browns. If they changed their uniforms, as some people are anticipating, they’ll still be bad. It doesn’t change how you view the product if the product hasn’t changed. And you’re laying off people while turning around and putting a lot of money into this rebrand. The best response on this is also in the article where Vignelli shares his thoughts. Listen to him people. He’s 81 and gets it.

4. The NBA sucks. Sorry, have to rant about this for a minute. I’m so sick of all the same ol’ same ol’ from the same tired teams. Here we are at the mid-way point and the Boston Celtics are 20-21. The Lakers are 17-24. And instead of talking about how much they suck and it’s time to realize that their shelf life is about up, people are talking about making trades and what they can do to improve. Here’s what you can do: nothing. It’s over. You’re done. Get out of the way and let the new teams takeover. I want to hear more OKC. More Clippers. Let’s watch the Golden State Warriors and countdown to D-Rose’s return in Chicago. There is a limited amount of talent that you can go out get anyway. March Madness can’t come fast enough.

5. It’s time for Arnold, Sly and Bruce to hang it up. Speaking of sucking, you know, I’m all for you’re as old as you feel and doing your thing. But I think there has to be an audience for you to actually do your thing for. Arnold’s ‘The Last Stand’ earned $6M and finished 10th this weekend. Sylvester Stallone is still trying to make action movies with the upcoming Bullet to the Head and Bruce Willis has Die Hard 9 coming out on Valentine’s Day (I know what my wife is going to want to do now!). What else can you say – it’s just getting…old. Who do they think they are — Betty White.