No matter how many times I can come to Vegas, the Bellagio never fails to disappoint.

On to the five:

1. Women can finally fight. Legally. The direct ground combat exclusion is going to be eliminated. The what? The direct ground combat exclusion. It’s basically the only thing standing between women and 237,000 jobs within the military. Little did I know that women were actually denied this right to fight in infantry positions and anything below the brigade level. I have a lot of respect for anyone in our armed services and who actively seeks out the opportunity to defend our country on the front line. Personally I think this is a pretty impressive historical moment – one I wasn’t aware was even a possibility.

2. Good news – there’s proof a social media campaign worked. Bad news – Michelle Obama won’t be happy about it. Did you happen to see those (annoying)
McDonald’s commercials about taking your lunch hour back? Well, turns out that campaign was wildly successful mainly thanks to the social component,
outlined here. McDonald’s had a return in sales of four times what they spent on the campaign. The good news is social is getting its due in impacting a campaign; the bad news is it drove up the country’s average weight by 1.7 pounds.

3. Drop your phone in a toilet? There’s a bag for that. I know a lot of people who really hope this works – a bag that is supposed to restore/dry your phone if you get it wet or drop it in a puddle…or a toilet. It’s called the Bheestie Bag (see it tested here). Based on the number of men I see looking at their phones while standing at a bathroom stall, the Bheestie Bag should be pretty successful.

4. Sometimes all you have to do is ask. Amazing trick they have out here in Vegas — every receipt I received had a line for tip. I bought a paper and some mints and the receipt had a tip line on it. I bought some office supplies at FedEx and there was a line for tip. On one hand….are they trying to trick us? On the other hand, sometimes all you have to do is ask.

5. Baby, baby, baby…all hail the new king of twitter. Well this is depressing – Justin Bieber is the new king of twitter. Yep, he has 33.33M followers, topping Lady Gaga. One, I’m a big Lady Gaga fan so I’m bummed that she was topped by the Biebs. Two, I’m a huge twitter fan and to think that Justin Bieber is the most popular person on my favorite social channel…well, this is an outrage. I’m willing to help fix this – go over and follow me. Now, I have a long way to go but I think I can pull it off with your help. Let’s fix this together.