Well, at least one team showed up for the BCS National Championship game. Only the third time a team has won three national championships in four years. And the first time the girlfriend of the starting QB received 10k+ twitter followers in less than 15 minutes. All that’s left to do is name Saban the Browns head coach.

On to the five:

  1. (Lack of) video privacy. Not sure if you caught it, but over the holidays the president signed a new video viewing law that allows websites, such as Netflix, to share what you’ve been viewing. Look around as the worldwide web becomes more narrow: http://bit.ly/133zJSQ
  2. Digital music has its best week ever. According to Nielsen SoundScan, the music industry had its best week ever. 55.74 digital songs were downloaded last week (week ending 12.30). Pitbull was featured in a large percentage of them. http://bit.ly/UE5uRy
  3. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy was damn good. I’m late to the party on this – hey, I have kids – but man, was this a great movie. Good….everything.
  4. The Lakers. They suck. And I’m sick of hearing about them. Somebody please shut Dwight Howard up.
  5. RGIII’s hurt. No, really he is. The Redskins confirmed he has a partial LCL tear in his right knee. Heard a lot of talk about how he’s a football player and it’s his call if he should stay in. When you’re worth that much money to one franchise (and city) I don’t think it is. Admirable, yes. But really not his call. That’s what a coach is for. Shanahan made the wrong call on this one.