Yesterday was Elvis’ birthday. How did I miss this? I guess I’ll have to eat my peanut butter and banana sandwich today instead.

The five things I’m thinking about today:

  1. Forget gun control. Let’s work on self control. I can’t stop thinking about this story in Akron A gunmen entered an apartment around 4 a.m. Looking for an ex-girlfriend. When he couldn’t find her he shot two other girls. One was 16 and pregnant, who was killed. The other was 19 and is in critical condition. Seriously, what has happened to us that we put such little value on human life? Was it always like this but now we have news to report on it more frequently? Or have we seriously lost our f-ing minds?
  2. Call me, maybe, coach. Can’t believe MLB is finally looking at embracing technology. No, not instant replay. They are going to replace dugout phones with cell phones. It’s part of a sponsorship deal with T-Mobile. Maybe that’s how we can get instant replay. Can we get Little Caesar’s to sponsor the ‘Hot and Ready’ instant replay?
  3. The AP launches its twitter ad program. Did you see The Associated Press began using its twitter page as an ad platform? Starting this week they are offering sponsored tweets. Samsung will be the first one to take advantage of it, promoting its presence at the Consumer Electronics Show.
  4. Starbucks wants to offer you a hot blonde. Did you know that Starbucks new blonde roast gave them incremental lift of 79% at grocery and 70% in store? Starbucks is offering all kinds of promotions, samples and launching programs, pop-ups, etc. to make sure you get to try one, including its new Vanilla Blonde.
  5. Freezer pops. Seriously, I want to know – even in January, is there any parent out there that can go to the freezer and NOT find a stack of freezer pops? What do I have to do to get rid of them? I swear they’re multiplying.