In case you missed our local (national?) celeb, Chief Oliver Brimfield Police Department – here he is on Fox 8 today talking about ‘No Mopes’, a great, fun campaign that promotes the BPD’s crusade to ride our town of criminals. You can buy all kinds of ‘No Mopes’ gear, including t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc. And, since our town doesn’t like children to live enriched lives so doesn’t vote for a school levy, the proceeds are going to Brimfield schools.

A lot to think about today so let’s get on with it:

2. “I give God 10%, why do you get 18%”. Oh Applebees. What are you thinking? So, let me get this straight – a pastor receives her bill; doesn’t like that you automatically tacked on 18% gratuity to her bill and decides to leave a note telling you what she thinks; waitress from another section sees the note, takes a picture and posts it Reddit; you then…fire her? Are you crazy? Can I introduce you to Jan Gusich, our president? She specializes in crisis communications. You’re going to need her. Forget WWJD – it’s all about WWAD.

3. VW helps prove that it’s official – we have no sense of humor. Did you see the ‘controversial’ VW ad yet? Some critics have called the ad racist –blackface with voices (Charles Blow of The New York Times). I kind of feel like that’s getting carried away a bit. I thought the ad portrayed Jamaica in a positive light – a place that the majority associate with a carefree, easygoing getaway. I could be wrong – and I’m sure there are people who will tell me I am. But you know who agrees with me? Jamaica. Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism and Entertainment Wykeham McNeill has endorsed the one-minute spot. “I think this is a very creative commercial which truly taps into the tremendous mass appeal that brand Jamaica and its hospitable people have globally.”

4. The SB ads are nice…but engagement is better.A new study by JWT/OgilvyAction shows that 80% of consumers are engaged digitally with brands with one in four of those being brand connected consumers (a more connected, more influential group). Four out of every 10 brand connected consumers say they are more likely to buy more and recommend that brand if they are satisfied with their interaction. So while people are watching the ads on Sunday, from a marketing standpoint, be sure to pay attention to what the brands are doing to promote interaction and engagement – and what content is waiting for them on the other side.

5. Speaking of the Super Bowl, you know I have to pick a winner… I’ve been wrong all season and through most of the playoffs but I have a feeling the Ravens are going to win. Besides massive amounts of deer antler spray I think they hold an edge: an older brother. No, really, I do. I think John is going to resist the big plays and ego that typically come with a younger sibling trying to beat their older counterpart. I think John will exploit that – like throwing a power hitter a fluff pitch only to watch him swing early and miss. And while I’m picking the Ravens, remember, no matter who wins, because the Harbaughs are Michigan boys, we all lose.