I’ve been talking about it since 2006. Twitter, is where it’s at. It is going to play such an important role in how we share and receive information – and now, finally, the numbers are starting to back me up.

It’s the number one thing I’m thinking about today:

  1. twitter is the fastest growing social network. With 288M active users it grew 40% from Q2 2012 to Q4 2012. 21% of the worldwide internet population is actively using it. 59% of its users are active on a monthly basis. What’s not to love? Personally I think it’s the number one way to stay informed and ahead of the curve; professionally, well, I don’t have enough time to tell you all the things I know a strong twitter program can do for your brand/business. For those of you who still have your doubts, I’m curious, what is causing you concern? And what would you like to see twitter do or answer to make you feel better about your future with twitter?
  2. The top 50 beers in the world have been announced. Bad news – I haven’t had a lot of the beers on this list. Good news – I have to try a lot of beers on this list. Side note – one I have tried is Bells Hopslam, at #6. Not only have I had it but I agree that it’s top 10 worthy.
  3. Menchies is celebrating National FroYo day with a free 6 ounce coupon, on their facebook page. It’s National FroYo day? Do they have a ‘day’ for everything? Don’t you think that FroYo is talked about enough that it’s doing just fine without it’s own ‘day’? Well, at any rate, get over to the Menchie’s facebook page and grab yourself a 6 oz. free coupon.  We go get frozen yogurt every Wednesday after dance class. It’s a reward for the girls, for being good; it’s incentive for me to get through dance class on a  Wednesday night. Is it just me or are you amazed at the junk they’ll throw out there for you to put on your yogurt? It’s almost like they’re daring you to try this ball of fruit or this exotic fruit that no one’s ever heard of. I’m a little surprised back on hasn’t made the cut yet…although I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.
  4. The top five NFL teams on facebook are…. You would think creating an engaging facebook page around an NFL team would be easy – afterall it’s the most popular sport, fans are hungry for ways to connect with players, players are out in the community all the time – but apparently it’s not as easy as it looks. Not surprising, some of the most historically well-run franchises (Steelers) are on the list. And some who historically haven’t been…talking to you Browns…well, they aren’t.
  5. Do you have an interest in the Pinterest redesign? At first glance it doesn’t appear to be too drastic. What I’m more interested in is how this will change further as more people join and it starts to grow. I think they will be forced to adjust to some emerging usage trends and how people want to / expect to interact with the pins/products (and how brands expect to have it interacted with). Let’s hope they don’t go overboard, facebook style.