No matter how much you hate the Ravens, you have to admit it was a great Super Bowl. Let’s jump into the five things, Super Bowl edition. I promise to keep it short because I know a lot of people are going to be talking about it today:

  1. Beyonce was awesome. Yes, I’m starting with Beyonce. Sorry. Until she came on the game was a little flat. She brought the energy and got everyone fired up, there and at home – twitter was still talking about it well into the blackout. So, given how great she was, how do you top it, next year, in New York? I know….his initials are S.C.
  2. George Bush hates football. This was just one of the many jokes that were flying on twitter during the blackout. 34 minutes with the lights out; no commercial and CBS had to create filler when Bill Cowher actually said ‘this is like a second, longer overtime’. Wow, that’s great insight. I think it might be time for Cowher to get back into coaching. You really can’t handle a situation like that well. I had twitter to keep me entertained; that was better than any commentary on analysis CBS could throw at us.
  3. The ads – Leon Sandcastle was my favorite. Yours? I saw a lot on twitter about how the ads were a little off this year. I thought they were pretty good, personally. Sometimes I think the ads try too hard and lose their message. Other winners in my opinion were Volkswagen, Tide miracle stain (integrated with their social channels well), Kia (where do babies come from?) and Oreo, for their ‘lights out’ response to the blackout. My least favorite? Old people crashing Taco Bell; GoDaddy (grossest kiss ever) and Ram Trucks (did you see the original tribute to farmers, on that this ad was based on?). Of course, the ads are just part of the equation. The role WE play in the ads is bigger than ever – our response, how we engage with the brands, what’s in it for us. See how the ads performed in this regard on AdWeek’s social response meter.
  4. Your one word to describe the game itself? Mine: satisfying. The game had a little bit of everything – well, except defense and good coaching. (I’m still not sure what Jim Harbaugh was doing in the red zone with two minutes to go.) Flacco is now in a different tax bracket. Jacoby Jones went off. Kapernick just couldn’t put it all together at once. On top of that it had a lot of scoring early and then an exciting comeback. What more could you ask for?
  5. In case you forgot, the Steelers still have the most Super Bowl wins.