As I get older, I find myself questioning things a lot more. Like when did our personal lifestyle choices start affecting how we should be treated professionally? I really don’t know what to say about two reports I read yesterday – one where an NFL prospect was asked about his sexual orientation and another where a teacher was fired for fornication – she conceived her child three weeks before marrying the father.

Read that again. These are people’s personal lives that are now on public display – and have no bearing on their ability to do their job. I don’t get it.

The rest of the five:

2. What Marissa Mayer can learn from Jan Gusich. A lot of discussion around Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer’s decision to ban working from home. Mayer has decided that to become a premium company, employees need to work together, literally/physically, every day. They have to be there for each other, with each other.I don’t agree with her decision. I think there are so many reasons why companies should offer flexible work schedules, both out of necessity and as a perk. AKHIA has always embraced a flex schedule because our president believes in it. She understands that try as you may, kids, health, cars, houses and life don’t follow a set schedule. AKHIA is known for its service model – something that a flexible, work-from-home-if-you-need-to schedule might not initially seem to support. However, the opposite is true. By establishing what is expected in return for this flexibility, (communicating with co-workers and clients, through Skype, Yammer, cells, emails) our teams are as accountable and service-oriented as ever.

Our culture isn’t defined by our flexibility – the conditions of our flexibility is defined by our culture. And that’s what I think Yahoo is missing.  Mayer feels the employees need to be in the office to realize who they truly are and can be – as if the culture and differentiation only lives physically in that building. This shows why defining and owning your culture, no matter what, is so important. Things change – the way we work, live and communicate – your company and more importantly who your company is needs to change with it.

3. McKayla is finally impressed (for a fee). Dr. Pepper is going to feature McKayla Maroney in its new campaign for Dr. Pepper Ten, claiming that she is finally impressed. Wait, I thought Dr. Pepper Ten was only for men? You confuse me Dr. Pepper. Let’s just look at the hilarious tumblr page with McKayla’s not impressed memes instead.

4. Is the twitter magic mirror the new photobooth? Not sure if you saw it at the Oscars but this twitter magic mirror was used backstage and in the green room to take pictures of what was going on, celebrities, etc. and then tweet it out from the official Oscars account. I think this is a pretty fun idea and one that I definitely want to play with at AKHIA. Is it any wonder twitter could potentially be worth $10B – what can’t it do???

5. Good luck to my sister and brother-in-law. Their Lakeview Lady Bulldogs are playing in the district semi’s tonight!