I wish I would’ve come across this great gift idea in time for Valentine’s Day – the original Back to the Future II Pit Bull hoverboard is for sale! And it’s only $13,000. Cue 80s movie montage where I have a neighborhood car wash to raise the money to buy it….

Now, for a few other things I’m thinking about:

2. Girls. I am a little behind and finally watched the ‘Hannah does cocaine’ episode. Man, that was an instant classic. It had a little bit of everything. For me, it’s the little details in the writing that make this show so freaking good. My favorite line from this episode was Elijah’s ‘oh, Extremely Close…that was such a sad movie. I didn’t see it but it looked sad.’ The show is so smart and so well written…I feel it can be a little polarizing but like any great show before it: don’t take it too seriously…just enjoy it!

3. Twitter is going to assign value to your tweets. In attempt to make us grow up a bit, twitter is going to roll out a value system for tweets (no; low; medium are up first…high will debut sometime after). The interesting part is they haven’t determined the ranking criteria yet, however, no matter how they score them I’m sure this will do two things: 1. Drive better content; 2. Allow twitter to charge for those ‘high value’ tweets. Personally I think it takes a little fun out of twitter…and, actually, it’s a little invasive and judgmental. Why should I – or anyone – be held to higher tweeting standards? It’s kind of like telling me I need a suit jacket to get into your restaurant. If the experience is worth it, you’ll wear the suit jacket. Let’s see how twitter handles this.

4. facebook helps Doritos increase viewership for Crash the Super Bowl by 100%. Wondering about the impact social integration can have on an ad strategy/program? Look no further than Doritos’ ‘Crash the Super Bowl’. They moved their commercial entries from a microsite to facebook and increased views by 100%. The reason why? People want to see what their friends are watching…and want to tell their friends what they’re watching. They are also crediting the campaign with increasing facebook friends to more than 4 million. Needless to say they will be doing the campaign again next year.

5. Best Final Jeopardy answer (question?) ever? If you haven’t seen Leonard Cooper’s final response in the Jeopardy teen tournament, you have to watch it. Finally, someone with a little swagger – and someone who’s not ashamed to say ‘I don’t know’…or, in this case, ‘some guy from Normandy’?