Only one more game stands between the Bristol boys basketball team and an undefeated season. My alma mater is definitely the number one thing I’m thinking about this morning. Good luck fellas; win or lose you have made Panthers all across the country proud.

2. Don’t think real-time marketing is important? Ask Burger King. I don’t know what is more surprising – Burger King’s twitter account being hacked or that it took them over an hour to shut it down. What is the benefit in leaving it up while hackers ‘have it their way’? At last check they had added close to 20,000 new followers but I’m pretty sure that’s not how you want to do it. Now, from the turn lemons into lemonade school of thought, how can Burger King turn this into a positive and have some fun with the spike? How can they Oreo this into some great engagement and capitalize on an otherwise pretty lousy Presidents Day? Stay tuned – hopefully we’ll see.

Neesons and Willy…this Key and Peele skit is awesome!! How…in the hell…have I not seen this hi-larious Key and Peele skit about how awesome Liam Neesons is? Damn, this thing…I must have watched it 10 times over the weekend. Those guys are great – and getting better – but this skit is an instant classic. Is it as good as Luther the Anger Translator? I don’t know, but it’s trying. Watch it.

4. Sesame Street has a secret. And it’s not about Elmo for a change. Sesame Street – yes Sesame Street – is a social media machine. It is going to be the first non-profit and first kid’s organization to hit 1B views on its YouTube channel. The are ‘only’ 22M (ah, ah, ah) away thanks to great relevant content such as Upside Downtown Abby. Once they hit one billion they promise to release a secret video, which is better than the secret phone calls they released last year.

5. Do you know how close Jordan came to wearing adidas? This behind the scenes look at how Nike convinced Michael Jordan to sign reveals that it was anything but easy. In fact, they might have been his third choice. But, as you’ll see, he was won over by creative control and a group of designers that didn’t want to do what everyone else were doing. Turns out risks, when padded with a can’t miss superstar, are easy to take. Oh, and calling mom and dad doesn’t’ hurt.