It was December, 2009 when Chuck Hemann told me about pursuing his passion – analytics. This would most likely take him out of Ohio but he was prepared to do that. And now, more than three years later Chuck has become a trusted voice on that very subject. His book, Digital Marketing Analytics, is available for pre-order now and releases on May 24. And I couldn’t be more excited for my man Chuck – good things happen when you chase your passion!

The rest of today’s five things:

2. Do foodies need an Instagram intervention? I couldn’t write a better headline than the one in this article so I stole it. Did you see that episode of Parks and Recreation where Tom keeps taking pictures of his food? I thought that was hilarious because, honestly, the food pictures are out of control. So much so that some restaurants in NYC are banning patrons from taking pictures of the food. And others, in LA, are offering a 5% discount if you check the phone at the door. When restaurants start offering you discounts to not use your phone…we may have a little bit of a problem. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I would find myself missing pictures of raspberry drizzle, crazy hamburgers, plates of baked chicken, salted/sugared rims…no, no. I wouldn’t.

3. What the hell is General Hospital doing? Jason leaves and it all goes to hell. From fighting over secret relish recipes to escaped vampires the show is out of control. One day they’re bringing back the Nurses Ball, another day they’re bringing back a long lost character (Laura, Scotty, Frisco, Fazon, Duke, AJ, Lucy, Kevin, to name a few). I worry because it’s like ‘hey, we made it to 50 years and ABC is probably going to cancel us…so let’s get everything in while we can. But, I’m still watching so…yea.

4. Death is no match for twitter. Twitter delivered a fricking baby for Christ’s sake. Do you think death will keep it down? Hell no! Now, thanks to LivesOn, this (creepy) new program, you can tweet from the great beyond.  LivesOn figures out your twitter interests and formulates tweets based on that. This is a huge relief because I was worried about the effect death would have on my Klout score. Phew!

5. A diet of red wine and nuts is good for you. That’s what Jan’s been trying to tell you! Proof that if you wait long enough researchers will discover any diet is good for you. Personally I’m waiting for the PopTarts and Yuengling diet to take the world by storm.