Today is Jan Gusich’s birthday. The woman who has everything won’t let us do anything special for her; however, I don’t know if she has jurisdiction over my blog. So, to help her celebrate I’m dedicating today’s ‘Five Things’ to her.

1. My favorite memory… We’ve had a lot of them – bound to happen when you’ve known someone for 13 years and worked with them for 12. However, one of my favorite is from my wedding, which was one my favorite days period. As you can see below, we really tore up the dance floor…and in our minds, we were legends.

2. The first time I met Jan… I came to AKHIA to interview for the account coordinator position. I was two months away from graduating. I walked into the lobby…and it was like Disney World. People were walking around, having fun, laughing. Turns out Jan double booked me during a birthday party. There were only seven people back then so they were content to let me sit on the lobby couch for 45 minutes. I didn’t mind at all – but a piece of cake would’ve been nice. Jan finally came to get me, and said…what are you wearing? Are you interviewing for a banking position? I had never wanted something more.

3. Something people may not know about Jan… Jan finds a way to work Chippendale dancers into every marketing recommendation she has. Seriously, if we could put them on our home page I think she’d try to do it. She really needs to let it go.

4. The best advice Jan ever gave me… “Don’t miss any of your kid’s things. They’re too important and you’ll never forgive yourself.” How many bosses say, mean and uphold that (to this day I haven’t missed a program, a concert, a classroom party, a dance class, a softball game, an art class…the list goes on)

5. Jan is happiest when… There are two answers to this. The first answer: Jan is very unselfish – so she is truly at her happiest when she’s making others happy. Anything she can do to help someone or give them the chance to do something, she’s doing it. I think that’s why she’s so successful – it takes a special person to truly put others happiness above their own. The second answer: I have never seen Jan happier than when she’s holding her new grand daughter, Addison. It’s a great thing to see.

Happy birthday Jan – my wish for you is that you enjoy your day. A lot of people want to make it special…so let ‘em!