Today’s five things starts with The Walking Dead…finally it resumes this weekend! Will you be watching? Last we left our friends Daryl and Merle were getting ready to fight under the Governor’s watchful eye. Personally I think this might be the best how on TV right now. And how many shows let you turn yourself into a zombie?

The rest of the five…

2. You know what’s cooler than zombies? Han Solo. And he just got a lot cooler as it leaked yesterday that Disney is going to be featuring him in one of the first standalone Star Wars movies. Earlier this week I talked about rumors that it might be Yoda but it looks like Han Solo and Boba Fett will be up first. The Han Solo movie will focus on how he came to be the scoundrel we love today,  picking up in the time period between Episode III leading up to Episode IV. I think that got it right but as obvious a choice as Han Solo is the pressure will be on to not mess it up.

3 .Do you use GetGlue? It just got a lot better as it’s now a personal viewing app. I haven’t used it yet but I think the latest updates are going to force me to check it out if just for the opportunity to see what all the hype is about. The new version allows you to see what’s trending, check-in to shows and personalizes your viewing experience. Basically it does everything but bring you some chips and beer. Maybe next time around.

4. What does it say about us that we live in a society where a dad paying his daughter $200 to stay off facebook for five months is national news? And something we all have opinions about? When I was growing up my parents incentivized me to stay off video games…by never buying me any. Maybe they should’ve been on 60 Minutes. What I love is that both the dad and daughter don’t see why there’s so much hype. But, it’s 2013 and someone – anyone – going five months without facebook seems like a major accomplishment. Can you imagine the media frenzy if she had…quit…facebook? She might have been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

5. If you don’t know who Kai the hitch hiker is you are missing out. He’s the guy who went smash, smash, sa-mash on the guy who thought he was Jesus and wanted to drive his car into a crowd of people. His interview detailing the incident was wild enough now it’s been made into an auto tune hit…really, it was made for this…check it out and have a great weekend!