It’s Friday and I’ve Ben thinking about: Keep Calm and Get Buckets. Pretty simple advice to live by, especially if you’re the Cavs. Because who gets buckets? ‘He’ gets buckets. Kyrie. Mr. Irving. Uncle Drew. LeBron Who. That’s who will get buckets tomorrow v. Orlando.

The rest:

2. What does it mean to be authentic? An interesting roundtable read on Digiday this week. What does it mean for a brand to be authentic?Most of the answers given (and where I think a lot of people would quickly go) is to social – how are we represented in social media? And what opportunity does that channel provide us? My opinion is if you’re just thinking of this now, for social purposes, you’ve waited too long and have a larger issue. Social shouldn’t change who you are as a company – nor should you change who you are for social.

If you are asking yourself this now, why not take a huge step back and look at your brand as a whole – are you authentic. And more importantly what does it mean for you to be authentic? It means something different to every company. For some it’s transparency. For others it’s about never budging from your core values. We’ve seen some great examples of what happens when a brand sticks to their definition of authentic…most recently Maker’s Mark. They are known for quality and having a strong relationship with it’s base. And after making a decision that would jeopardize the former, they reversed it by sticking with the latter. They backed up who they said they were with actions. And really, at the end of the day, owning who you claim to be is the simplest definition of authenticity.

3. YouTube now factored in to Billboard charts. Which, of course, now means Harlem Shake is number one. This is just another way social channels are being integrated into mainstream media – YouTube streaming is now factored into the formula to determine the Billboard charts. My wife is a high school teacher and I can tell you that the majority of songs her students listen to or show her are through YouTube. So I do agree with this article that says a move like this will give us a more accurate view of ‘what the kids are listening to’.

4. Family Guy skits that might make creator and Oscar host Seth MacFarlane sweat a little Sunday night. I love the Oscars. And I love Family Guy. And I will love watching what Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane does this Sunday. I’m hoping that he owns the fact that he has roasted a good percentage of people in the room, including seven who are actually nominated. You can see the seven and why they might not be loving the new host here

5. Speaking of the Oscars, the winners will be… I haven’t seen all of the films nominated which means my predictions mean absolutely nothing. In the past I would see every film but hey, I have kids now. I have seen probably half of them so I at least have the right to half ass it. Here goes:
Supporting actor – Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained
Support actress – Anne Hathaway
Actor – Daniel Day-Lewis, Lincoln
Actress – Jessica Chastain, Zero Dark Thirty
Picture – Argo
Director – Steven Spielberg, Lincoln