It’s Wednesday morning and Marc Rubio wants to remind you to stay hydrated. On to the five:

  1. Modern Family is bringing it this year. (Somebody needs a Pepper talk!) I am a huge Modern Family fan – I don’t know many people who aren’t. It’s the perfect pick me up during the week and is really some of the smartest comedic writing. But this year…they are really raising their game. I have loved everything they’ve done this year but their tribute to The Godfather may be one of my favorite scenes. Ever. Granted, my favorite show of all time, Seinfeld, also paid homage to The Godfather with a similar riff….but Modern Family and Phil settling all of the family’s business. Fantastic. And to follow it up with an appearance by Pepper (Nathan Lane)…oh man, a great two week run. (I like big putts and I cannot lie.)
  2. I love me some Pintrest stats. If you find yourself wondering how much of an impact Pinterest has on buying behavior and conversions, look no further than this great infographic. My favorite stat – Pinterest referrals spend 70% more than non-social channels.
  3. 85 years of Oscar poster doubles as a game….this is addictive. How many can you get?Check out this poster released from Oscar – 85 years of Oscar, featuring the statues in various positions that are clues to the year’s best picture. How many can you guess? Get ready to spend some time with this one!
  4. Call 1.800 Steemer when you spill beer on your new couch. So I dumped a glass of oatmeal stout on our new couch the other night. I have to admit – I panicked. I pulled the cushion off quickly and ran it into the bathroom trying to save it. In my haste I of course made it worse by dripping beer on the carpet, the wall and the door. It was around this time that my wife walked in on me. Now, what to do. Well, after she was done giving me a verbal timeout and we had gone through 17 towels, we decided to call 1.800 Steemer (have fun getting that out of your head now). I have to say, those MoFo’s can clean a couch! They were here and gone in about 38 minutes. And, I’m still happily married so you know they did the job. The lesson? Drink your beer out of the bottle.
  5. Pizza Hut hashtag helps Valentine’s Day procrastinators. Pizza Hut has a hashtag promo in process where you can tweet them a plea for a last minute gift package. #LastMinuteLovers gives you a chance to win one of a limited amount of Last Minute Lovers Package, featuring their perfume, Eau de Pizza Hut and  $20 gift card. Pizza Hut cites the stat that 47% of men wait until the 13th or 14th to buy a Valentine’s gift. I would like to cite the stat that 0% of women want to receive pizza and pizza-scented perfume as a Valentine’s Day gift. But hey, long live hashtags!