‘Nuthin’ But A G Thang’ was named the number one rap video of the 90s (all time?). And while number one is a no-brainer, the rest of the list is a little debatable – Busta Rhymes number two? Hypnotize number three? Check it out and let me know what you think – but be prepared to spend some time!

The rest of today’s five:

2. We watch five hours of TV a day…compared to seven minutes of online video. Last week Nielsen announced it will use data from Internet only households in its ratings systems. Some of my friends have been an Internet only household for some time. But despite more original content online, we have a ways to go – the average American watches five hours of TV a day…compared to seven minutes of online video. In other words, we like watching the Harlem Shake on our phone but need to watch every painful minute of The Bachelor on the big screen.

3. I’ve been trying to tell you…girls dig Legos. And now there’s proof. Lego Friends, aimed at girls, is a huge hit. It’s the fourth best seller in its first year. My girls dig Legos – although they want the Star Wars line – and the company is finally realizing it. What I don’t understand is…what took them so long?

4. Question for the moms – do you know how to ‘play’ Matchbox cars? Is there a right way to play Matchbox cars? I mean, you pretty much race them, throw them, crash them, wreck them – right? But apparently moms struggle with that. And Mattel is doing something about it. They conducted focus groups with mommy bloggers at this year’s Toy Fair – a brilliant idea. Because while I’m thinking to myself ‘um, it’s not that hard – grab a car and start racing’ I realize I freeze up when my girls ask to play Barbie or Polly Pockets. I don’t know what to do with them. I usually have one fall prey to a Zombie virus and start eating the others. Or I jump in a Barbie car and start running over Skipper and friends. What’s wrong with me? Nothing. Turns out I’m just a normal dad. But, psychology aside, it doesn’t really matter if you know how to play ‘right’ or not…as long as you’re playing with your kids. I’m sure Kendall and Leia won’t remember that Barbie went on a Zombie rampage…but they will remember I played with them.

5. Dunkin Donuts is number one in customer loyalty for the seventh straight year–without even putting your name on the cup. Dunkin Donuts has quietly ‘delighted’ customers for the seventh straight year and was named number one in customer loyalty in the coffee category. It added packaged coffee this year. Personally, I’m a McDonalds man – just give it to me straight – but do love Dunkin Donuts. While I personally admire their social media presence and think they’ve done a lot right, the fact is they need the quality of their product…and the passion behind that product to match what they’re saying. And to think they do it without writing your name on the cup.