Those who know me are well aware of why I think this woman who started her own cuddling business ($1 minute for her to cuddle you) is just plain gross. Read the article…and if you have a minute, go to her website. Dudes laying down in their clothes, cuddling, in the middle of the day. I’m getting the willies just writing about it.

On to the rest of the five

2. With a 4000% ROI, email marketing is a sure bet. Check out this report from MediaPost where they talk about an email marketing study by Docstoc. 94% of Internet users read or send email….more than any other online activity. While I love the numbers I do think it’s going to push us as marketers to be even more aggressive and innovative in our approach to cutting through the clutter in our lead development and nurturing programs.

3. The President digs Google+. The state of the union is tomorrow…but the real show is on Valentine’s Day when President Obama will have his second fireside chat on Google+. You can have your questions answered by the president (if people think they’re interesting enough). Whether he thinks your question about building a Death Star is a good one or not, you can still follow along.

4. Cleveland Indians are making news in February…I can’t believe it! Can you believe their offseason so far? It all starts with Terry Francona who is responsible for…all the signings we’ve made. Do I agree with all of them? Not entirely; but any pessimism I have is outweighed by hope…and respect, that the Indians are finally trying to be competitive. Swisher and Bourn may be overpaid. Mark Reynolds might bust. Dice-K and Giambi might have nothing left. Brett Myers might still have something left. Who knows. But one thing’s for sure – we’re talking about them in February. And people are excited. So let’s go Windians!

5. One last Super Bowl winner…websites. In this article from MediaPost, brands who advertised during the Super Bowl saw 23% higher traffic than normal and 46% higher than normal on the day after. The digital strategy is key to a good Super Bowl spot, as we’ve talked about here already, but I have to believe the embrace of social media (and use of more targeted social content) had an affect on traffic. More fodder for guys like me who will never stop stressing the importance of a fully integrated marketing program…and a way to maximize your ad spend.