I go. You go. We Argo…F yourself! Well done Ben Affleck. Your movie won because of your great directing – in fact it was nearly flawless. (Of course the Academy chose to ignore that for some reason.) So what do you think–did the best picture win best picture?

The rest of what I’m thinking about:

2. Seth MacFarlane didn’t disappoint – do you agree? I learned something by watching my twitter feed during Seth MacFarlane’s opening – half the people in it need to get a sense of humor. I didn’t expect everyone to get his sense of humor or even like it – I know Family Guy is very polarizing – but some people didn’t want to even give him a chance. I thought he did well – was he the best host ever? No. Was he the worst? Not even close. He embraces pop culture and is painfully self aware of who he is. He didn’t leave any joke or dig on the table. My favorite? The Von Trapp family singers spoof, of course. My favorite non-Seth moments:

  1. Adele (love Skyfall, song and movie)
  2. Sandra Bullock – still have a thing for her
  3. Daniel Day Lewis – best actor of our generation wins third Oscar (first actor to do so)
  4. Shirley Bassey can still wail
  5. Jennifer Lawrence – classy win; still think she was robbed for Winter’s Bone
  6. Musical tribute – Jennifer Hudson…wow
  7. Quentin Tarantino – great speech, great to see him on stage
  8. Jaws as the play em off music – hey, it’s awkward anyway…might as well have fun with it
  9. Lipstick marks
  10. Captain Kirk


  1. Even with Seth, boring Oscars…very forgettable
  2. Speaking of very forgettable, what the hell is Kristen Stewart’s problem?
  3. Kristen Chenowith
  4. Barbara Streisand. Sorry, never been much of a fan.
  5. The First Lady. Streeeetch. Not sure why she was there. And she took away from Jack.
  6. Wait, the orchestra isn’t actually IN the building?
  7. Long, creepy hairstyles for dudes.
  8. Threefers for best picture nominations
  9. Musical tribute – seemed like a forced effort for Les Miserables
  10. John Travolta

3. So who should host next year? Five to consider. 1. Billy Crystal (still the best); 2. Steve Martin (underrated); 3. Melissa McCarthy; 4. Joel McHale; 5. Modern Family’s Mitch and Cam.

4. What brands capitalized on Oscar (or tried, but failed). I thought this article on 17 (nearly) failed real time marketing tweets from Jay Baer was a good, quick read – and accurately depicted what we were seeing as the Oscars unfolded.

The fact is, Oreo raised the bar so high…and everyone keeps trying (and failing) to hit it. We’re judging everything based on what they did in the Super Bowl – and that’s just not fair. But, brands could be a little better about the timeliness and responsiveness of how they’re portraying their brand. Some were just looking for a reason to put their product in a picture. Some were trying to stretch the message a little too much. And some were just trying to create something stupid to hog a hashtag (looking at you Samsung Galaxy – lame commercials).

For me, I thought JCPenny premiered a great new look and feel. I also thought Oreo, of course, was right on with their animated gifs paying tribute to the nominees/winners.

5. In news about a movie that won’t be nominated for an Oscar, Kristen Wiig is officially joining the cast of Anchorman 2. Apparently this was announced earlier this month – how did I miss that? Anchorman 2 is shaping up to be an epic comedy. But, just like any other movie, let’s hope that they don’t have so many people, and so many gimmicks that it has no rhythm and just disintegrate into a pile of mess.