When did Lego’s get so expensive?! The Death Star is pushing $400 (but man, it’s pretty sweet). And I really want this new Red Five X-Wing…but it’s $200! I would have a hard enough time trying to convince my mom to spend that not to mention my wife. Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, I have Lego envy.

What else have I Ben thinking about?

2. He. Gets. Buckets. What else can you say about Kyrie Irving? What else can you say??? 35 points last night against New Orleans. 20 in the fourth quarter. I feel he is on the level of Liam Neesons. By the way, if you’re not following my man Eric Knappenberger on twitter, you’re missing out – his in-game tweets are the best. No one captures Kyrie’s awesomeness in 140 characters better.

3. Twitter delivered a baby yesterday. Is there anything it can’t do?? So yesterday Houston’s Hermann Memorial Hospital live-tweeted a c-section, as reported on Mashable. You all know I love twitter but even I had to stop and ask myself – is this necessary? Is this very graphic, very intimate look into the joy and wonder that is birth necessary? I mean, yes, you can go and find any number of educational videos and books that detail every second of a delivery – but this was a little more mainstream. I think it was a great use of technology (they used a GoPro camera, worn by one of the assisting doctors) and was handled well by the hospital’s social team. But…just because you can, do you? Where was the value, what was the value – to simply get the publicity? To position the hospital as a leader in….social media? C-sections? Not sure – and I’m not going to pretend to know what they’re larger strategy was. This one just didn’t sit right with me. If you read about it, be careful – it is graphic: http://on.mash.to/VO9fVk

4. Ok Glass. Google is getting us a little closer to what it would feel like to experience its project glass. I wrote about this a few weeks back and now there is new video to show you what you’re in for. If the video is any indication it’s as easy as saying ‘Ok Glass’. http://on.mash.to/VyemXb

5. Escalation of commitment, aka Dwight Howard. Are the Lakers taking a huge risk by not trading Dwight Howard? Will he walk at the end of the year because he seems to hate playing in L.A.? And does he hate playing in L.A. Or just hate playing with Kobe? If the reports are true he loves the city of Los Angeles but is miserable with the Lakers. I feel I’ve been watching sports long enough to know that you don’t just cut bait to cut bait. And really, will anyone be surprised if he doesn’t sign for a ton of money this summer? Personally I’m just sick of Howard and his act. He acted like a 13-year-old girl last year in Orlando and is basically doing the same thing this year. It’s played. Soooo played.