Five things I’m thinking about this morning? Well, it’s one day after Super Bowl and the big winner is…still Beyonce! Second biggest winner…

1. Twitter! Don’t believe me? 26 Super Bowl ads had a twitter reference – a 300% increase over last year. The numbers are pretty staggering:
-While twitter had 26 mentions, facebook only had four, Instagram one, YouTube one (Google+ had none)
-24.1 million tweets related to the Super Bowl were posted apart from the ad hashtags.
-By the beginning of the second half, the volume of Tweets had already surpassed last year’s Tweet total
-The power outage raised the count to 231,000 tweets per minute, but that wasn’t enough to surpass the effect Beyonce had, which was the peak. Throw in the fact that brands like Oreo, Tide, Nike and Audi, among others, used it to have some major brand engagement wins and twitter was definitely the star of the night. Hell, Calvin Klein even got in on the act using Vine to supplement its ad, showing six seconds of a dude working his abs. What will twitter do next? Stay tuned – the Grammy’s are Sunday and the Oscars are less than three weeks away.

2. Speaking of the Oscars… I have less than three weeks to see more Oscar pics – what is your suggestion for must-see?

3. What’s Pinterest’s problem? While twitter had a great Super Bowl I didn’t see anything for Pinterest. Granted, Pinterest is doing just fine but they do have an issue. I read this in AdWeek today – a great article that identifies a real problem Pinterest is experiencing: retailers don’t know how to leverage it. Everything from products being out of stock to pins linking to expired pages, the process retailers are employing seems very disjointed. Seems like an easy fix but a real reason brands need focus on an integrated strategy from the beginning

4. Bing and Skype to offer opportunity to call direct within search results. How smart is this? Bing and Skype are working on a program that can be offered to advertisers where you can call the merchant directly from the ad. They’re setting up an 800 number system now but that’s a great opportunity to measure (and showcase) the effectiveness of an SEO program. I’m jealous of smart ideas like this.

5. The most shocking Super Bowl stat… According to ESPN’s business reporter Darren Rovell, 48% of Americans didn’t watch one minute of the Super Bowl. Personally, I think they are all under the age of seven, but hey, a stat’s a stat.