One of my least favorite ads continues to be a hot topic days after the Super Bowl ad – and the number one thing I’m thinking about today. Did you like Ram’s ‘God made farmers’ ad? You know who didn’t? Latinos. Some groups are saying the ad was white washed and are confused at why there were hardly any images of Latino farmers despite the fact that 71% of agricultural workers in the U.S. were born in Mexico and Central America.

The rest of the five are up at the ‘I’ve Ben thinking’ blog:

2. One of my favorite Super Bowl ads, is having a nice impact on Jamaica travel and tourism. Yep, VW’s ad featuring a great Jamaican ad (“Wicked coffee Mr. Jim!”) and the Jimmy Cifff remake of C’mon Get Happy is apparently helping the Jamaican Tourism Board (JTB) keep conversation going and tourists engaged enough to launch several hotel promotions. The JTB also used the ad to launch their own social campaign. It will be interesting to see where their numbers end up v. last year….

3. twitter does it again. Twitter is having the Best Week Ever, yes, but the fastest growing social network has more to offer than Super Bowl talk. A group of researchers at John Hopkins University is using it to track the flu. It’s real time benefits, backed by the ‘twitter mood’ allow researchers to track not only the flu but other health issues such as allergies, obesity, drug use, self-medication and hospital errors. One example is when people were tweeting about taking antibiotics for the flu – which is an ineffective treatment. The goal is that they can alert hospitals, in specific areas of the country, and pharmaceutical companies when there may be an influx in patients.

4. One more thought on Ram’s farmer spot. I know I’m in the minority but I feel Ram missed a huge opportunity to celebrate the farmer beyond the spot. As I mentioned earlier this week, that spot is based on a homemade version from, and was redone and now supports the FFA (Ram donates money every time the spot is viewed on YouTube). Ram’s manufactured by Chrysler who has had a long-standing relationship with the FFA – and has declared 2013 the year of the farmer. Personally I think that would’ve been great to promote in the spot – or in follow-up communications that same night. There is a deeper story there – one that has a lot of positive opportunities tied to it. Ram owned the night with its spot…but missed the opportunity to own the year with it. (One last thing: I also think the company should’ve acknowledged the ad’s origins – which, again, could’ve been a positive story. )

5.Who let this guy be in a YouTube video?