It’s March. And it’s never too early to be thinking about madness. Especially this year. How the hell am I supposed to pick winners with this crop of NCAA teams – a year when Akron is as scary as Arizona? Right now the five I’m considering to win it all (which means absolutely nothing):
1. Indiana
2. Duke
3. Florida
4. Louisville
5. Michigan.

I’ll run through my upset specials tomorrow. On to the rest of the five:

2. Is there too much information out there? I ask myself this question a lot. I feel torn. Anyone who knows me knows I love social media. I’m a big twitter fan. I’ve been blogging since 2001 (off an on). But with the rapid expansion of the web and social reporting I feel like there is more information than I can consume. I always feel like I’m missing something (and I read a lot to begin with). I’ve read articles about how the volume of info out there and available stresses people out – even when it comes to just keeping up with what your friends are eating for lunch, drinking, doing with their kids and watching on TV. It’s a great thing to be more connected than ever but I think at some point we’re going to see some shift or long-term effect it has on us as human beings. I can’t wait to blog about it.

3. Did we miss an opportunity with the Harlem Shake? It’s crazy, really. The number of people who have done the Harlem Shake. (Have to say The Simpsons might be my favorite so far.) But as I read about ‘why’ it was so easy for it to be popular, on Social Fresh,  it dawned on me that maybe we missed an opportunity. And by we I mean all of us. Can you imagine if a brand latched onto it and offered to donate money to one of their charities every time someone uploaded it to their site – or used their product in it? Would’ve been some easy cause marketing.

4. Magic Johnson annoys me. Not sure if you saw that Magic Johnson offered LeBron $1M to participate in the dunk contest. Yes, $1M. To LeBron. That’s chump change to him. This is a guy who charged $3M just to say where he was playing basketball (and then donated it to his charities). Personally I’m offended by Magic. You know, I’ve accepted that athletes/celebrities don’t live in the real world. And they spend money on stupid stuff. But to openly flaunt it…I don’t know, just didn’t sit right with me.

5. What did Daft Punk’s TV ad mean? I’m a big fan of Daft Punk. I’m still not sure if I loved Tron Legacy…or just loved it because the soundtrack was awesome (courtesy of Daft Punk). Well, people are talking about them again because of a commercial they aired during SNL this week. Rumor would have you believe it’s tied to their new record deal…and others think they might release a new album (their fourth) this spring. Here’s hoping it’s the latter.