It’s Monday, March 11, 2013…and here are five things I’ve Ben thinking about….

1. 10 things I wish I knew before becoming a parent. One of my favorite new bloggers and people to follow on twitter just wrote this great piece on what she wishes she knew before becoming a parent. Wow, you could write a book with this one. I think everyone has their top 10 (20?) list. Mine is always ‘why didn’t anyone warn me?!’ Because you know what, it is hard. Really hard. Losing sleep? Eh, I can deal with that. More work. No problem. That’s what growing up is about. But being responsible for the greatest thing that has ever happened to you and what now is the most important thing to you in the world? That’s stress! That’s hard! But, like I learned, if you spend all your time worrying you leave very little time for enjoying. And there is a lot to enjoy.

2. Google killed the Android. Did you see that Google is replacing the Android with…Google? Think of all the money that went into building that little robot’s brand equity. And now Google is just rolling it up into…Google. But, you can’t blame them. Fact is Android accounts for 68% of the smart phone market. But that’s not all impacting Google’s brand thanks the way developers have fragmented it through their own use of Android. Now they’ll have no choice but to tie it to Google…because, like I said…it is Google now. Interesting to watch this unfold….and how developers, Samsung and the public react.

3. 15 twitter stats worth your time. You know I love twitter so I wouldn’t be bring you some numbers unless they were heavy. And they are. Check out the latest stats from twitter itself. Some big numbers in there (400 millions tweets a day) as well as some small ones (17 percent higher engagement with tweets ending in a question). So have fun. Tweet them out one a time or save them and impress someone at spinning class.

4. Do you understand our federal debt? Me neither. This hilarious video solves that problem. This isn’t long and definitely worth watching. We are a product of our government I guess because I don’t think this scenario is that far fetched, unfortunately.

5. The Steubenville rape case begins this week. I’ve been following this case, waiting for this week. A lot of frustration, anger, tension – finally coming to a head this week. ESPN did a great piece on it this weekend. People are still talking about it. It’s not going away. And finally, the trial is going to start. There is so much that can and should be said about this. For me, one of the topics on the peripheral is the role social media played in the case. Obviously the know incriminating footage is a big part – and the fact that these kids thought it was a great idea to do this, video it and post it. The things you used to try and hide from mom and dad, your teachers, the police, kids are now willingly putting it out on the Internet for everyone to see. Like somehow that makes it ok. Like somehow sharing it absolves them of any wrongdoing. ‘Hey, we shared it. We showed you what we were doing. You didn’t say anything.’But just as quickly as that spread, so did the movement to get this case more exposure. Again, thanks to social media. This case gained major traction when people started tweeting about Anonymous role in it. The major expose that was done on the case was originally a blog. It’s impossible to conceal information in today’s day and age, thanks to twitter. Just because citizens’ are using it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be treated with the same reverence and responsibility as any other medium. Look what can happen. We’ll see this week.