Five things I’ve Ben thinking about today:

1. Remember when I wrote about social media making us mean? (Warning: careful where you read) Yea, so about that…look no further than the social response to the new pope. From the white smoke and one lung jokes to people analyzing/criticizing the decision, it was all on display yesterday. And if you don’t believe me…see for yourself. And this is mild compared to what I’ve seen on other topics. We can’t forget to respect others views, even if we don’t agree with them. (And even if they are medieval in their approach to gay marriage and adoption.)

2. This is wild: what you like on facebook quickly and accurately predicts your personality. So, you like General Hospital. Good beers. Seinfeld. Ayn Rand. Quentin Tarantino. The Pittsburgh Steelers. What does this say about you? According to a new research study from Cambridge it tells you exactly who you are. Or least it did to me. The tool is YouAreWhatYouLike – and it will blow your mind how accurate it is.

3. Your Hiney just got a little skinnier. (Ah, I see what you did there.) Heineken is changing its U.S. bottle for the first time since 1946…and is calling it a huge step forward in the globalization of the brand. They also added an embossed thumb groove that improves grip and encourages people to hold the bottle at a lower point, keeping the beer colder…blah, blah. Really? Is this what beer drinking has come to? Make it good. Make it available. Do we care that much that our bottle has a long neck. A thumb groove. A vortex. A pop-top. Come on. Just make the beer good, man. Bring back the High Life guy.

4. Pinterest is smart. Really, really smart. And worth $2.5B. Pinterest is rolling out an analytics tool that will allow companies to verify what they probably already know – it’s a great way to drive awareness, sharing and engagement. Oh, and making it easier for us than ever to sample, buy and recommend (users who click from Pinterest are 10% more likely to buy than those coming from other networks). Why does this matter? Well it helps establish ‘a foundation to monetize’ and will lead to ad sales. Look no further than what Pinterest is valued at to see how smart this really is.

5. Do we really need caffeinated gum? Wrigley’s is rolling out a caffeine gum. One piece is equal to a half cup of coffee. You might be asking yourself, in light of the scrutiny energy drinks are under for their impact on minors, is this the best idea? But don’t worry, they won’t target minors. Just like Red Bull, 5-Hour Energy, beer, cigarettes, fast food….they won’t be marketing to minors. Phew. That’s a relief. If you’re chewing gum to wake up you might just need to suck it up and learn to drink coffee. Black.