Given today is the day after St. Patrick’s Day I feel like I shouldn’t post this, or anything really, until about noon. But, hey, some of us weren’t smart enough to take a PTO day today. Here’s a few things to look over while you’re knocking down your bloody beer.

1. The NCAA brackets were announced. So was the Star Wars ultimate character bracket. (This one’s a little easier Go ahead. I want to hear your argument for why this isn’t going to end up Darth Vader v. Han Solo. Fill out our bracket here.

2. What did Rob Portman really learn? I was all prepared to share my thoughts on Rob Portman’s sudden support of gay marriage now that it benefits him. I had so many feelings on it – too many actually. It was hard to really organize my thoughts on it. But then I read this amazing article by Richard Lawson, who writes for The Atlantic Wire. He sums up what I was thinking better than I ever could. No matter how you feel about Portman’s decision this is worth the ready if only because it should make you think twice about how important policy in our country is set – if you weren’t already.

3. How do you promote your new Disney TV show, Topanga from Boy Meets World? With that long-awaited Maxim photo shoot. There’s not much you can really say about this…except what took her so long. I mean, am I Right? Am I Right? Sure it took a new Disney show where you reprise your role as Topanga (the mom version) but who’s complaining? For those of you who (say you) read these magazines for the articles, apparently she gives a revealing interview too. Anyway, keep an eye out for it this April.

4. Can American Horror Story get any freakier? Yes – season three’s title and cast are announced! I realize that some of you may just now be discovering the wonderful genius that is American Horror Story. A fun TV show that celebrates all the great horror genres we’ve come to know and love. I’m not spoiling any plot twists by telling you that the show does everything it can to get freakier with each episode and each season. This year’s nuns, aliens, pin heads, bloody faces, Nazi prison guards and man-made mutants should’ve shown you that. Sounds impossible to top, right? Well, they’re going to try with season three – American Horror Story: Coven. Yep, they’re going to cover witches. And they’re doing to New Orleans to do it. The whole gang is back including a few from season one who didn’t show up in season two. Thankfully Jessica Lange is back…and she’s bringing Kathy Bates with her. I can’t wait for this!

5. Google me, I’m Irish. Lastly, a fun one from Google, who decided that St. Patrick’s day was the perfect time to debut its first animated Google doodle!