Good morning – here are today’s five things!

1. Am I the only one who want the Heat to keep winning?
The winning streak the Heat have put together has been pretty impressive. Shame it will all come to an end on Wednesday v. the Cavaliers…right? Ok, so it probably won’t. And I’m ok with that.  Paul Pierce hopes they lose every game? I hope they win every game. I want them going into the postseason with as much pressure as possible. Sure, LeBron is playing out of his mind and the PEDs Dwayne Wade got from Rashard Lewis are finally starting to kick in. But I’m from Cleveland. And here we believe too much of a good thing is a bad thing. So keep on winning Miami. Win yourself right out of the playoffs.

2. Showrooming. It’s a real problem.
I’ve been reading a lot about ‘showrooming’ – where you go into a store to learn all about the product, ask questions, take up the attendants time…and then walk out to buy that product on Amazon, or somewhere else online, you can get it cheaper and shipped directly to your home. But I didn’t realize it was THIS big of a problem until I came across this great infographic. It shows that 60% of us do this actually. And not only that but less than 10% of us are buying it on the retailer’s website. How can retailers sustain this? The short answer is I don’t think they can. So many are closing their doors. And unless we can think of a way to restore order to the time space continuum I see them becoming very extinct, very fast.

3. What is Danny Torrance up to?
Thanks to Stephen King we’ll find out in the fall with his sequel to The Shining called Doctor Sleep (‘How about a bowl of chocolate ice cream, Doc?’). Now ‘Dan’ Torrance, he works for hospice, using his powers for good to help ill and dying patients…until he finds himself face-to-face with evil again. This time in the form of a little girl who can also ‘shine’. Sequels are always risky business but sometimes whether it’s good or bad it’s a can’t miss just for the enjoyment of seeing how the author has chosen to age/develop a character, especially one so iconic as Danny.

4. Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign is starting to get…
Really smart? Creative? Genius? Annoying? Ridiculous? Disruptive? What do you think? They created a trojan horse virus that hid in a photoshopping tool designers could download to use, for what they thought, to add a ‘glow’ to their photo subject. Once downloaded and applied it undid the retouching the designer had been working on and delivered a ‘don’t manipulate our perception of real beauty’ message. (It then told them to click undo to go back.) What do you think of this? Too far? Isn’t this like yelling at the waiter for bad-tasting food? At any rate, it worked at least a little because people are talking…they’re talking! And that’s really what we care about, no?

5. Shingles scares me more than The Shining.
Every morning while eating my Wheaties and watching ‘Mike and Mike’, I see this shingles commercial. Man, this thing grosses me out…while scaring me to death. The commercial says if you had chicken pox the virus is already inside you. That’s some ‘Walking Dead’ shit right there. A virus. That’s inside me, laying dormant? No thanks. What do I have to do to get vaccinated? I hear there’s a shot that costs around $300 – but you can’t take it until you’re in your 50s. Great. Now I have something else to look forward to as I get older. Can’t we get a phase I in the meantime? I mean, if my kids can get their shots in like three or four rounds surely we should’ve have figured out a tiered approach for delivering the shingles vaccination. I know people who have had it – it’s pretty much the worse. So I’m up for any pre-treatment. Any ointments. Let’s talk about this – it’s 2013 for Christ’s sake. I expect more out of you, science.