My thoughts are still in that Chardon courtroom where T.J. Lane confirmed what we all already knew. So rather than waste another second talking about him I’ll turn my attention to the three families – the Hewlin, King and Parmertor families – for saying what we all felt and conducting themselves like none of us could.

The rest of this morning’s five things:

2. Glenn Beck thinks ‘The Bible’s’ Satan looks like President Obama. I read this in an MSNBC article, linked here. I really don’t know what to say. There are so many things wrong with this story I don’t know where to begin or what I should even try to tackle. I’ll choose to address the part where Glenn Beck thinks he’s cool and calls the president of our country ‘that guy’. I know a lot of conservative republicans. I know a lot of people who can’t stand the President. But none of them would disrespect the office by calling him ‘that guy’. Glenn Beck is attempting to go through 2013 without saying the President’s name…because, well, you know, that will show him. I just don’t get this. Regardless of how you feel there is no excuse for this kind of disrespect. (But as much as I dislike it, I will defend his right to say it…freedom of speech is a beautiful, wonderful thing, no matter what.)Why do I even bring up Beck? Because if you’ve read the article you’ll see that he tweeted about the comparison between the actor cast to play Satan and our President (aka That Guy). That tweet in itself is disrespectful and concerning. Is Beck implying that the show’s producers sought out an actor, willingly, that looked like our President because they wanted to disrespect him by characterizing him as Satan? The producers have since addressed this as ‘nonsense’ and point out that the actor, Mehdi Ouzaani, is a well-respected international actor who has played Satan and ‘Satan-like’ characters in several other movies before President Obama assumed office.

So what is Beck saying exactly? It sounds like he’s willing to say anything – no matter how disrespectful, no matter how sad – to get attention. And what’s worse are the people that agreed with him. I’m not saying to censor the ignorance. I’m saying we shouldn’t tolerate it. This kind of comment isn’t acceptable. I know I’m just one person but I’m not ok with this. For me, it is one more example I’ll be able to use as I teach my kids that words are a powerful thing that can do a lot of good…and a lot of damage. Always consider the impact they can have on people. And always choose them wisely.

3. Three ways to retain and attract mobile consumers. This is a dynamite infographic that provides some interesting insight into how businesses are using (or, in fact, aren’t using) mobile strategies to attract and retain customers. The biggest issue here is the last point – it just hasn’t been wholly embraced yet. Only 55% of small businesses accept credit card payments – putting themselves a step behind mobile payments. But consumers aren’t waiting for them – more than 1B smart tablets and phones will be purchased in 2013. As marketers we talk a lot about integrating your mobile strategy into your online strategy – but I’m starting to think the more important step is developing a mobile strategy, period. The pay-off, as seen in the article, is huge – if for no other reason it’s more cost effective to retain a customer than get a new one (six times more to be exact).

4. Cleveland’s had its Phil of good kicking. Phil Dawson signed with the 49ers yesterday. Because when you kicked for a terrible team (How terrible were they? So terrible you are their points leader.) you deserve a shot to go kick for a Super Bowl contender. Just think back to all the great highlights and memories Dawson gave you Cleveland…ok, moving on.

5. Have you ever wondered what would happen if guns in famous movie scenes were replaced with ‘a thumbs up’? Well wonder no more. (And Han Solo still looks cool!) This one speaks for itself.