Good morning. It’s Tuesday and I’m going through March Madness withdrawal. I need a FGCU fix or something. Today’s blog has a few things to pass the time until Thursday night, including the scariest Easter Bunny ever.

1. Seriously, this is the scariest Easter Bunny I’ve ever seen. We all have one. A picture of us screaming in fear of the Easter Bunny our parents are about to plop us down on. For some of us the memories are more recent as we’re now doing the same thing to our own kids. Seriously, what is wrong with us? And why is every Easter Bunny costume so freaking scary? And just when I think they can’t get any creepier, I see this on The Soup blog yesterday.

2. Is it any wonder no one likes you, soccer? Did you catch the soccer match between the U.S. and Costa Rica played in a blizzard? For the 17 of you who did, I know what you’re thinking – finally, soccer is interesting! But, Costa Rica, who lost 1-0, is now protesting the game. They are claiming the physical integrity of the game was compromised. Granted, the Costa Rican players pushed to keep playing. However, when they lost…different story. I wonder if they would’ve protested if they won? And I wonder if any other sport that is played outdoors would ever have a team protest over weather conditions? You’re playing outside. In March. In Colorado. You’re taking a chance that you might see some snow. Be grateful we’re talking about you and were somewhat interested in what you had to offer, soccer. You’re like Jerry on Parks and Recreation – we’re letting you hangout with us but just pipe down.

3. Fun with drones: they formed a glowing Star Trek logo over London. How awesome is this? A giant, glowing Star Trek logo hanging over London, courtesy of drones? I don’t see what everyone is so fired up over with these things. Look how much fun we can have! Sure they can shoot and kill you, track you, invade your privacy…but seriously, they can form the Star Trek logo, so back off.

4. You can ‘finally’ reply to facebook comments. Who knew this was an issue or a need? I thought that’s what I had been doing when I comment on someone’s status or comment…but apparently NOW we can really reply. It has an indented space and everything. Finally, facebook is making sense!

5. Do we need a fast food version of Red Lobster? Short answer – uh, yes! Who needs to go in and be seated – I just want those awesome cheesy biscuits please. Oh, and I want a cup of shrimp I can pop in the car. Yea, you’re starting to see why this is so important. And starting to wonder, ‘hey Red Lobster, what took you so long?’ Well, for all of you who dreamt of eating Red Lobster on the run, in your car, on the plane, at your kid’s baseball practice…this is your moment.