Remember that one time the weather sucked in Ohio and everyone complained about it? That one time?

Here are a few things to keep your mind off the weather:

1. Ok, so maybe that wasn’t the scariest Easter Bunny ever. Because these are downright disturbing. As I said yesterday…what is wrong with us? Why would we 1.) make these, 2.) think these are ‘cute’, 3.) think they’re a good idea; 4.) wear one of them; 5.) put our kids in front of it!

2. Is the NFL ready for its first openly gay, active player? Scott Fujita, former NFL player, says yes. In fact, he is pushing for it. He and others in the NFL are tired of the bigotry. This group is working hard to create an atmosphere that would encourage gay players to come out, including the support of same-sex marriage through a brief filed to the Supreme Court, containing signatures from NFL executives and players. What might be the most revealing – and sad – part of this story is the fact Fujita thinks most opposition and scrutiny to this would come from outside the locker room. When you read this it’s hard to believe that progress waits for no one.

3. It’s about time somebody called out The Gap in this great article on how beloved brands fall from grace. I wish I would’ve written this article. It is so good – and full of lessons and reminders. It asks the question I’ve been wondering about for some time – what’s the deal Gap? Why so boring? Well, turns out there’s a pretty good reason for it. And consequently a pretty good reason why their sales are down 19%.

4. Is it just me or is the new Pepsi bottle revolutionary? According to the press release announcing the new bottle, yes? The etched, grip-able bottom allows consumers to have a more stimulating, tactile interaction with the bottle itself. It’s about time we’re able to have a stimulating, tactile interaction with our bottles. Sure it might be illegal to do so in 17 states, but dammit, how am I supposed to ignore that etched, grip-able bottom? I believe in the power of packaging and a shelf presence, but…let’s not get carried away.

5. Did you know your food has a soundtrack? Your food. Your soap. Your beverage of choice. They all have a soundtrack. How a chip sounds when you crunch it. The aroma your fine scotch has as its poured. How manly you feel when you hold your deodorant in your hand. These are all elements of a sensory soundtrack – and both agencies and brands are taking notice. This is just the latest move in a series of moves that continues to finely slice the fundamentals of marketing – and how marketing is approached now and in the future. We are able to understand so much more about how psychological effects impact buying behavior. Marketing is a brave new world…and in this case, progress does indeed wait for no one.