I’m happy to report that the Heat are 0-1 in their last one game. Nevermind I’ve been waiting 54 days to say that. The Heat lost just in time, so now we can focus on the madness again – here’s a few things to keep you busy until tip-off:

1. The Wolverine. Trailer. Awesome. Pretty much speaks for itself, no? The Wolverine trailer is out and between that, the Star Trek and Ironman 3 trailers I can barely contain myself. What movie are you most excited for?

2. Everything you loved (and hated) about the 90s summed up in a song. We’re missing a few key things like Saved by the Bell and Seinfeld but other than that this video is hilarious…and reminds you how much you loved(?) the 90s.

3. Mark Zuckerberg WISHES he could introduce Timeline like Don Draper. Mad Men can’t get here fast enough. But if you need something to tide you over there was a funny read on Social Fresh yesterday asking ‘what if Mad Men was about a social media agency’. It concludes with a video on Don Draper introducing Timeline. I would recommend starting there – good stuff. And a reminder that Don Draper is the coolest.

4. Speaking of March Madness FGCU’s head coach has millions, supermodel wife, 15 seed in the Sweet 16…but he still ‘has to work’. There are a lot of stories out there about Andy Enfield, the head coach of FGCU, and the millions he has made early in his career. Can this guy get any more interesting? Can this story get any more interesting? Where did FGCU come from? Where did Enfield come from? Naturally there are going to be a lot of stories and a lot of speculation about this but it’s important to know the facts, which you can start to get here.One big fact is Enfield is a driven and focused individual who has a nose for greatness — and isn’t afraid to admit that he has begged, borrowed and stole his way to the top by emulating the greatness he’s encountered along the way. As for FGCU, the school in its first year of tournament eligibility, let’s just enjoy them for what they are – a bunch of highly athletic guys playing basketball and having fun and have a really good shot to make the Elite 8 and continue to destroy your bracket.

5. Are you wondering how people might use Google Glass? There’s a contest for that. Last month Google asked tech enthusiasts to share creative ways they would use Google Glass. There are some pretty cool ideas in here (they had to tweet them) and shows you how the sky is really the limit. Personally I plan to use Google Glass to distract everyone else so I can do the work they’re neglecting by coming up with these cool things.