The five things I’ve Ben thinking about today…

1. Are we limiting ourselves in social media? I keep seeing articles about the three things you should do with twitter. Or the five things you should use facebook for. And I can’t help but think…are we looking at the social media room through the keyhole? Are we limiting ourselves when it comes to social media – and more importantly a social strategy?The importance of integrating social into your communications strategy isn’t to look at it as a separate channel – there is a time and place for that. Instead, we should be looking at it as another way to augment what the overarching business or communications strategy actually is. I might be a little of a communications traditionalist – blame my PR roots – but what you do with your social plan is only as good as your overall business plan. And your content, while living and looking a little different, needs to be based on your larger content strategy.

Social media is a critical component of your communications strategy. It’s evolving every day and we still don’t know its full power. But regardless of what we have yet to learn we need to remember it cannot live independently. We’ve come a long way…but we still have a long way to go. Consider that only 11% of companies say their social strategy is guided by insights from other business groups. This means that 89% of social strategy happens in a silo. (via ReadWriteWeb). There are more stats I could dump on you that proves this but you get the idea.

The good news is it’s not too late – the time is now to take a broader look at your social strategy and where it fits in your business strategy.

2. What’s the interest in watching TV shows where (quasi) celebrities jump into a pool? What’s wrong with us? No, seriously, what’s wrong with us? Have we, as a society, reduced our viewing standards so much that a major network thinks we’d actually watch a TV show featuring celebrities (? – Katherine Webb?) jump into a pool? And the show has a host! Joey Lawrence (Whoa!). Anyway, if you’re interested, and you know you are, here’s the details.

3. Cyclists. Joggers. You’re making me nervous! Is it just me or does it seem like cyclists and joggers will run on the tiniest stretch of road? I’m a big believer in overcompensating – I’m the guy who goes waaay over to the other lane. But it seems like I’m seeing them  on some of the most dangerous, windy roads in my town – with about a half inch of asphalt. What’s the motivation? There’s no way I’d trust drivers to go slow coming over a hill or around a curve. But every day I see them on these roads. Come on you guys – find a safer route!

4. Are you missing out by not being on Google Plus? I have a feeling we’re going to look back on this time in social history and think how weird it is that brands were even considering not being on Google Plus. But for now, it’s still a very debatable subject. Those who are on it swear by it. They love it. But to others it seems like one…more…social channel to worry about. However, what really matters is what I think this article is trying to say – if you care about where you rank in search, why not join the social network being managed by the largest search engine? It’s only going to help your results.

In my opinion, Google Plus biggest opportunity is to take greater ownership of your content with Google Authorship – which is something I’ve believed in since I entered this profession. Your story needs to be told by you – if you manage your brand with integrity and truly care about putting relevant content in front of your audiences you will be telling a story people will want to hear and want to believe in. Why not take control of how Google is connecting people to your content?

5. Apparently there’s room for more in this wolf pack. Yep, Hangover III is coming. May 24, 2013. And their facebook page has all kinds of goodies. Fan favorite Mr. Chow is featured prominently in the new poster and a new teaser trailer is coming today! While I crushed the people who watch a show with celebrities jumping into a pool I am just as guilty for wanting to watch a third installment of this movie. 2 was…eh, ok. If you liked the first you should like the second because, well, it was kind of a repeat. But rumor has it the third deviates from the formula a little bit. So, count me in. I’ll get my satchel and see you in May.