Today the question isn’t what ‘I’ve Ben thinking’…it’s WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? We’re going to find out…I’m coaching Kendall’s softball team and last night was the first coaches meeting, so it’s official. I thought it was a great idea. Theresa might disagree with me a little…but…hey, we’re going to have some fun. Right? Right?? Stay tuned.

On to the rest of the five:

2. My five teams to watch in the NCAA tourney. There’s not a huge gap between these five the five I posted yesterday I think can win the tournament. But, here’s who I’m keeping an eye on: 1. St. Louis, 2. VCU, 3. Villanova 4. UCLA, 5. Akron. I know some of these aren’t huge surprises but every year there are those few teams that come out of nowhere…and, really, these five are as good as any other five! Now, let’s see where they rank in Bilas’ top 68 teams…hold on…got it right here: VCU (16th); St. Louis (20th); UCLA (29th); Akron (42nd); Villanova (56th). For reference, Bilas’ top five: Indiana, Louisville, Gonzaga, Duke, Florida.

3. Trekkies – take note. A bunch of Doogie Howsers are making a tricorder. How cool is that! What happens when one genius 16-year-old gets together with a bunch of other genius 16-year-olds? They make a tricorder. Or try to anyway. I knew it was only a matter of time before the physics of Star Trek would begin to creep over into our reality. What’s next—transparent aluminum?

4. What’s the number one viral video right now? (It’s not the Harlem Shake!) Not sure if you’re keeping track of the week’s hottest viral videos but I like to check up on the Ad Age rankings to see what the kids are watching. (This week finds three Harlem Shakes on the top 10.) What really makes me stop and think is how you go about making a viral video. Anyone who tells you they know how isn’t telling the truth. That’s what makes a viral video so great – there is on recipe. No formula. You never know what people are going to love and want to share. Which ensures that we’ll always keep trying to find the next Harlem Shake. Lucky us? And speaking of the Harlem Shake…

5. It just won’t die. My NEW favorite Harlem Shake… How did I miss this one? It’s definitely my favorite – but I’m a sucker for this kind of stuff.