Today’s five things I’m thinking about…

1. Is social media making us mean? We’ve all done it. The chance to say something snarky on a fb page. The chance to show how witty we are 140 characters. But the fact is you might tweet or write something that you wouldn’t normally actually say. So why do we do it? And is this good for us as a society? I’ve thought about this a lot. I feel that rings a little truer for people in my profession whose job it is to analyze how people, brands, companies are talking about themselves. To look for ways to improve something that is said, written, created – it’s in our blood. But at the same time I feel we have created almost an elitist feel, like we’re entitled to comment or criticize.This thinking is why I really enjoyed this article in The New York Times called The Bullying Pulpit. The author, Bill Keller, is an OpEd writer for The Times and will be a panelist at SXSW discussing how social media is changing the way our kids are growing up. No doubt that should be fascinating.

2. My favorite mock draft. It’s inching closer to the NFL draft (next month) which means my cousin, Dane Brugler, is posting his mock draft, over on CBS Sports. If you’re not following him on twitter or keeping tabs on him here, be sure you do if you want to stay plugged into the who’s who. He has some surprises in here and a Browns pick that some of you might not love. For the record, I hope his Steelers pick is accurate.

3. Did you ever wonder what it would look like if a truck carrying Legos dumped them all over the road? Wonder no more. I love this. Well, I don’t love that a truck wrecked and held up traffic. But if you were going to spill something – why not Legos? Think about it: You could probably use them to rebuild parts of the truck that were damaged.. You have something to keep you busy while they clear the road. They’re easy to clean-up. The only bad thing is you know someone, probably a mom, is going to step on one about three months after the fact. (So that’s where that piece went….)

4. In case you needed one more reason to love Mila Kunis. I don’t really care much about celebrities. There’s not many I really dislike. And there’s not many I absolutely love. But Mila Kunis has always been one of my favorites. She never takes herself too seriously. She was on one of my favorite shows (‘That 70s Show’). She’s the voice of Meg Griffin. She’s one of the best parts of Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

Oh, and she’s drop dead gorgeous. But just in case that wasn’t enough for you check out her interview promoting her new movie Oz the Great and Powerful. She helps the interviewer, who is so nervous because this is his first ‘big time celebrity’ interview. Great stuff.

5. Oh….so that’s how Google Search works!! Our director of digital strategy is leading a digital boot camp at AKHIA this week. And while we can all say ‘of course we get Google…you type in something and stuff comes back.’ it was great to get this very simple, very clean overview from Google itself. Sometimes you can’t top the ability to elegantly and simply say something that is so complex.