Hope you all had a great Easter, stuffing your face with peeps, Cadbury eggs and Reese peanut butter eggs…then throwing it all up about halfway into the Duke/Louisville game. Hey, don’t forget it’s April Fool’s day – figured I’d warn you of that now. So keep one eye on your co-workers and one eye on today’s blog:

1. Good news, Microsoft only gives your info to the cops 18% of the time. What? Who knew Microsoft was such a nark? If you’re on the lam, they’re going to cheese you! Seriously, they received more than 75,000 requests for information from the cops last year. And they gave you up 82% of the time! Who knew that a company would take information you provided to them and give it to law enforcement? How do you feel about that?

2. Ned Stark’s head-on-a-stake cake pop? Mix ‘Game of Thrones’ with baking, and that’s what you get. Check this out – all of these fun deserts are inspired by Game of Thrones. I love the House of….cupcakes and the special edition blonde ale. Also, extra points for the medieval lemon cakes Sansa is always drowning her tears in (she’s not one of my favorite characters). I’d like to see someone’s take on dreamwine. Maybe some Hodor-inspired hoagies?

3. Can twitter survive another seven years? I’ve spent the last seven years making 500 million friends…and now I find out those friendships are in jeopardy? This article suggests that might be the case…unless twitter can make three changes. I agree with all of them but have to challenge those that think twitter has already peaked. Personally I think twitter has few limits and has become the most important communications channel. It worries me that we might always be so obsessed with finding the next twitter that we don’t enjoy and leverage the one we have. And if that’s our new reality will we ever fully evolve an idea again? Between this impatience and the fact that companies are buying up ideas and programs just so they can eat their soul and throw away their carcass (too much?) I have to wonder about the future of a fully baked idea.

4. It’s finally happened. The machines outnumber us. The Matrix tried to warn us. And Terminator. The machines are going to outnumber us. And now they do – well, mobile devices anyway. This year there will be more Android phones (scary!) activated monthly than babies born! All of the stats we’ve read, heard, seen, been warned about are finally coming true. 2013 is the year of mobile. Check out this infographic that agrees with me. Maybe more alarming than the Android v. babies stat is the number of times we check our phone daily – 150 times a day! Every 6.5 minutes! (Damn I wish I wasn’t guilty of that stat.)

5. No gay members=no burritos for you, according to Chipotle. Companies taking a stance on social issues is a fine line to walk today. On the surface, it seems hard to do. But, as I’ve mentioned before, this is why it’s so important for companies to outline who they are and what they believe in – so they can use that as a guide as these sensitive topics arise. Chipotle is a classic example of how to do this. Their policy is to not support organizations that discriminate based on sexual orientation. Period. And because of that they are withdrawing their support of the Boy Scouts annual Scout-O-Rama. No posturing. No public debate. Just making decisions based on who they are and what they believe in. And while everybody might not agree with it, they can’t say it comes as a surprise or goes against their brand. Companies that take the time to invest in this type of important messaging and branding in the beginning will save themselves a lot of trouble when it matters most.