You know every once in a while something blasts you back to the past? I’m watching these Mountain Dew KickStart ads thinking something looks familiar…then it hits me – it reminds me of one of my favorite pops in high school: Kick! Remember this? This was one of the legal drinks my friends and I could drink large quantities of – and be on an insane sugar high. Seriously, this stuff was probably so bad for you. But to my 17-year-old taste good.

A few more things to think about:

1. You can now verify your Pinterest account. Wondering why or how you should verify your Pinterest account? Wonder no more. Smart move by Pinterest because this really opens up your page to be, well, your page. You can learn more about the person or company you’re following. It’s interesting to see how Pinterest is quickly evolving to become more user friendly and informational so you can actually learn about the person who is pinning stuff you dig. This is all happening fast and I think we’re going to be talking a lot more about how ‘smart’ Pinterest is as the year goes on.

2. The percentage of people who answer their phone while having sex is disturbing. When I saw that 75% of people use their phone while in the bathroom, I shuddered a little bit. But the fact that 15% of people answer it while having sex? Come on people. If I should happen to call you during that…time….please, don’t feel the need to answer. I’m good. It can wait – just shoot me a text. I can wait three minutes.

I keep trying to tell you that mobile is here and we need to think of it as its own screen – not a smaller version of what we know on the big screen. People are using it and adopting mobile technology at such a fast pace that not only will we be forced to evolve but it will be too late. Here’s 14 other mind blowing and somewhat creepy stats to back me up.

3. Burger King has a turkey burger, so they’re healthy now, right? Oh my. Talk about going against your brand – Burger King is surely disappointing its loyal customers by offering a ‘healthy’ alternative. Hey, if they wanted healthy they’d go to Wendy’s. But don’t worry Burger King fans, this turkey burger won’t let you down. The BK Whopper is 630 calories and 35 grams of fat – now we’re talking. But the BK turkey burger stacks up just fine with 530 calories and 26 grams of fat. The good news? You now have an extra 100 calories and 9 grams of fat to play with! Thanks Burger King! Making America healthier, one turkey burger at a time.