When I picked the field to win The Masters I had no idea it would be Rule 33-7/4.5 that’d be victorious. Congrats Adam Scott on winning The Masters. I think you’re a great story but you’ll have to share that green jacket with the rule book. Wonder what would happen if the NFL reversed a call a day later. But golf is a gentleman’s sport, so I guess I’ll just say:

1. ‘So what? So let’s dance!’

2. You know what’s advertising gold? Mental illness. McDonald’s announced it’s pulling a print ad that’s been running regionally in the Boston area because it’s insensitive to people who struggle with mental illness. (It’s also insensitive to people in the advertising business because it’s just awful.) The ad shows someone who’s clearly upset, holding her head in her hands, with a headline that states: “You’re not alone.”  But the small print underneath says, “Millions of people love the Big Mac.”

The ad includes a toll-free phone number that connects consumers to McDonald’s customer satisfaction line.  A recording asks consumers if they want to share an “experience” that they had at a McDonald’s restaurant.

I don’t get this at all. Not only does it not make any sense but why is it alright to exploit someone with a mental illness? As the article says, there are other companies who have featured mental illness in their commercials. And it’s irresponsible.  Would anyone call the line, expecting help? Maybe, maybe not. But would anyone who is struggling look at that ad and feel like ‘hey, maybe people really don’t care – maybe this is how society views my illness, as a joke’? Yes, yes I think it would. I’m not for any type of censorship but I do feel advertisers have a certain level of responsibility to the public. And setting up a mental health hamburger line is definitely ignoring that responsibility.

3. And shooting targets that look like Trayvon Martin. What is wrong with people? A Florida police shooting instructor has been fired for using a target resembling Trayvon Marting. Port Canaveral Police Sgt. Ron King said it was a case of miscommunication and the police department lied to and misled people about the facts leading to his dismissal. He said the target, which was holding Skittles and Arizona Iced Tea, (yes, that’s what Martin had the night he was shot and killed) was intended to help trainees learn about what not to shoot. He referred to the target as a non-shooting aid and…blah, blah, blah. What the hell Ron King? What is wrong with you? I don’t care if it was meant to be a non-shooting aid or not. Are you an idiot? What made you think a target that loosely resembled the victim in one of the most controversial killings ever was a good idea? This isn’t ‘Police Academy’ or ‘Naked Gun’. The non-shooting aids should never be part of the story. I don’t know or care if the police unfairly treated you but I do know that you deserved to be fired, you stupid mother you-know-what, just for doing that. I feel like Joe Pesci yelling at that guy who took off his boots at the table in Casino.

4. The new teaser trailer for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, is out. Sure, you’re going to see it a million times, but there has to be a first time. Let’s hope this is better than the first movie. And let’s hope it’s better than the book it’s based on. Such high expectations. Isn’t it funny how a trailer can make any movie look like a ‘must see’?

5. Can PSY’s new song be as big as Gangnam Style? That question got answered real fast with the release of his new song ‘Gentleman’. And the answer is no. See for yourself…maybe I’m wrong. I was expecting to be confused – and I am as this video features a lot of people getting wet, some sexy (?) noodle eating, Candy Crush and I swear a little bit of Harlem Shake. I wasn’t expecting another Gangnam Style, so I can’t say I’m disappointed, but I wasn’t expecting another mailed-in attempt at it either.