Everyone’s talking about a ‘smart’ watch like it’s a cool new idea. Really though, it’s so 1980s. Casio is the one true smart watch. What other watch would teachers not let you wear the day of a test? Hmmm? But, like everything else, people want to build a better mouse trap. The modern day version of the smart watch will apparently have a lot more ‘stuff’. So, between Google glasses, our smart phone and now our smart watch, we might actually look up for one or two seconds, which is just long enough to avoid that telephone pole we’re walking smack into.

Do your kids watch Sofia the First? Disney is taking that show very serious. So in case you haven’t noticed, Disney has a little bit of a Princess Luggage issue, meaning they have created show after show, movie after movie where a prince needs to bail out the princess. Well, with Disney’s Sofia the First, that’s all about to change. They are trying really, really hard to have an independent princess and have rolled out focus groups, story groups and included elments of the story to drive mixed heritages and modern families (a single mom). I think this is a positive step for Disney. They have taken a lot of heat for how they portrayed princesses, even with last year’s ‘Wreck-it-Ralph’, where, sigh, Vanellope is – surprise – a princess (although she names herself president instead They even have Princess Leia now too! Is nothing sacred?).My three-year-old loves Sofia the First. And considering both of my girls are being raised to think they are equal if not superior to the alternative gender, I appreciate that they’re thinking more progressively by examining the past. After all, as Willy Wonka said, “you have to go backwards to go forward”.

“Oh Yeah!!!” Kool-Aid man is back! He’s getting a facelift and his new ad campaigns feature more of a backstory, but the Kool-Aid man is back! Seriously, this is one of my favorite pop-culture references of my childhood. I loved Kool-Aid man. And Kool-Aid. I remember drinking so much of it one summer just so we could save the labels and send away for a clear Kool-Aid man shaped cup and pitcher. My version of the Ovaltine decoder ring, I know (drink more Kool-Aid) but fun nonetheless. It’s about time this generation got to benefit from a big colorful guy who busts through walls yelling “Oh yea”! Get ready to buy more Kool-Aid parents. Don’t forget the big bag of sugar! Yea!

Teens experiencing facebook fatigue? We learned this week that teens don’t like to hang out where their parents and grandparents hang. So, congrats Facebook – you’re now in the same category as Eat-n-Park! Why does this matter? Well, that demographic represents $800B in consumer spending – and brands want to get their hands on that. They will now turn their attention to the social hotspots – Instagram, Tumblr, Snapchat, Vine and twitter (yea! Told you!).