There was a lot of cool news announced yesterday, including Star Wars movies every summer, Breaking Bad’s return date announced and…

1. The new Superman trailer! When is an ‘S’ not an ‘S’? When you’re on Krypton. Apparently the ‘S’ is a symbol for hope. We learn that in the new Superman trailer, the third one overall. This one is much more in-depth and shows Superman’s two dads (Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner), that crazy religious guy from Boardwalk Empire, Superman’s beard, which could kick your ass by itself, and Amy Ryan. I think I heard the Superman theme song playing faintly in the background too. Then again it’s playing on a loop in my head 24/7 so don’t take my word for it.

2. Using the Boston bombings to promote your tweets is “really, really dumb. For real.” Wow Epicurious. Not sure who thought this was a good idea but ok. Using the Boston bombings as content, Epicurious crafted a few promotional tweets.

Shocker, people were upset. As dumb as this was Epicurious is in good company as brands from The Gap to Kenneth Cole are also on a list of ‘most insensitive brands’.I’m always in shock that anyone – an individual or a company – would think this is a good idea. Wouldn’t you love to see the real time approval of these? Do you wonder…did they think about it? Was it an immediate reaction, like ‘hey, this is gold!’ Did they figure any publicity is good publicity? I just wonder what goes through peoples heads.

3. Introducing the ‘smart’ fork – that tells you to eat, chew slower. I’ve been talking about the machines taking over for a while now so this is just the latest announcement that backs me up. This smart fork is designed to slow your chewing and your eating by vibrating in your mouth if you’re taking bites to quickly.

It then uploads the information via Bluetooth to an app that charts the number of bites you took in graph form.

Seriously people, does anyone else think some of us have a little too much time on our hands? Keep your fancy forks, society. You don’t need one when your dinner is the extra Goldfish left in the car seat. As a parent I don’t need a fork to tell me how many bites I took. It’s either zero, because I have no time to eat, or one as I cram the NutriGrain bar into my mouth. Technically does that count as a bite?

4. Fans at the Boston Bruins game join together to sing the National Anthem. And it was awesome. Yes, this happened at the Boston Bruins game last night. We never cease to amaze me.

5. Finally, the return of Heisenberg! ‘Breaking Bad’, the final, final season, is back on August 11 at 9 p.m. Story matters here. Or whatever the hell AMC is saying these days. Who cares, my second favorite WW is back!