I’m addicted to Vine. Who knew trying to capture the essence of something in six seconds would be so fun and challenging? I think it’s one of those things you have to jump in and play with…but, if you want to start out with dipping a toe, here are six things to keep in mind. And get ready to be addicted.

What else am I thinking about today?

2. General Hospital is celebrating 50 years…so tune in for some familiar faces. Hey, if you ever watched General Hospital at your grandma’s house, while home sick from school, at the babysitters, in college…or last night with your wife (guilty), you might want to keep an eye on it this week. They are bringing back, well, everybody. Seriously, everybody is back, written into the storyline even for a day. Sure, it makes for some clumsy writing and there are a lot of plot holes, but hey, you try fitting in 50 years worth of characters. (My favorite throwback is Helena, back, threatening something about the Ice Princess – here, you can see it on YouTube.) This is all leading up to the Nurse’s Ball, which is a classic hallmark of the series. Even the stock market is celebrating.

3. What happens in an Internet minute? A lot! There are some amazing numbers in this infographic. Some you might expect, some you might be surprised by. My favorite is a little one buried near the beginning – 20 victims of identity theft in a minute. A nice reminder that while yes, I love technology, and a lot of great things are possible, it’s also something that is still evolving, and, just like everything else, there are people out there who are looking to abuse it. And as the infographic shows, we’re going to have two times as many networked devices as the world has people (yikes)…so I don’t see the risk of TOO much information going down.

4. Han Solo Carbonite Pop-Tarts! Introducing Han-Tarts! Ok, ok, maybe this is a concept artists dream, but it’s cool nonetheless. The article says it doesn’t really have a flavor. I would disagree – I think it would have a chocolate crust with strawberry filling and chocolate frosting. I think Kelloggs is sitting on something here – how much fun would it be to have Star Wars-inspired Pop-Tarts? Let fans come up with them, name them…I don’t understand how they can’t do this?

5. Getting caught up on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Speaking of addicting…for some reason I can’t get enough of the RHOA. We’re a little behind but the Real Housewives of Orange County starting is great motivation to get caught up. So let’s get to it – what’s the deal with Kenya? She’s a plant, right? She has to be – her part is so contrived and intentional that it’s almost too obvious. If nothing else she’s a great antagonist to Phaedra, who might be my favorite just because of the…proper…way she talks. Sure, she might be a terrible lawyer and thinks all you have to do to shoot a workout tape is show up in workout clothes, but she’s a riot nonetheless. And what’s the deal with Kordell Stewart? When did he turn into such a control freak? Anyway, as always, this show does not disappoint – it is full of shallow people who really give could give a crap about anything but themselves and contribute almost nothing to society. We are dumber for having watched it. And that’s ok. More Housewives please.